It’s Already Been A Day

My head has not stopped spinning in the past 30-or-so days, but I will take the time to mention this week is banned books week.

And it always makes me smile, and maybe stirs a little pride in my heart.

I imagined a little scenario this morning just as I was stepping out of my 29-second shower because I woke up three hours late and rushed to get out the door and chased down the bus to get to campus at 7am. Of course now I don’t remember all the details of the scenario, but I was explaining my outback hat to someone (because wearing it to school today very briefly crossed my mind), that it was a size M for medium, and that my head really isn’t very big. And I ended up saying that I don’t know how my brain squeezes into this little, earthling head.

So, does anyone have an alien cranium I can borrow or buy from them?

Also, happy October.

Fast One

I feel it first in my shoulders as the force forward pushes my torso backward. My hips, a fulcrum, slide with the rest of my body, and a slight but firm pressure molds my posture to the surface behind me.

It’s cold outside, and I’m wearing layers to compensate. My ungloved hands feel the soft leather. All the upholstery is perfectly detailed; it still smells new.

Time slows down when you’re going this fast. My haunches rest upon, reverberate with, absorb some of the vibration, the power, as we poke a tiny hole through space, nearing warp speed.

I gasp with the initial lurch. The thrust triggers a small, steady stream of adrenaline. My hands sweat, my eyes dilate. I begin to laugh.

The velocity feels as if it’s reached a magical resonance level; I’ve never felt my entire body hum this way.

I turn my head slowly. The mountains remain fixed, but barely. Everything else – closer, slower – is a blur.

I crane my neck to look. He tells me not to look, but I see enough of the needle moving further clockwise and am conscious enough of the local law, and I am well aware of his eyes on the road and my racing heart and my imagining the other cars shudder or their mouths drop open and lose their … transmissions completely, to realize I am having a great time. I can’t stop laughing.

He slows down, turns the car around, and we do it again.

It’s even better this time.