It’s Weird to Think She’s Only Five Years Older than Me

Okay, she makes a great Fantine, but I actually first encountered her as Eponine. Lea Salonga is my normalform of Eponine. In my mind, no one can be better.

I know this song is an anthem for a lot of you out there. Me, too.


Tuesday is my last day of class. Next Tuesday morning is my last day of finals.

I’m still working on getting more funding for Senegal. I hope I won’t have to withdraw from the program.

Also, I can’t shake a ___ that I have on a ___ with a ___. I know, I know: get out before it gets messy. I have a plan in mind, and I hope it works. Goodness knows I don’t need anymore drama.

I Have Secret Good News

And, of course I’m not going to tell you.

Good fortune.

Tender mercy.

Blessing in disguise.

Call it what you want.

I’m grateful, all the same.


Oh, in other news, my reading for the BYU English Symposium is on Friday. Not to be overshadowed by Senator Orrin Hatch and a certain Mark Zuckerberg speaking the following hour. If the billionaire will go out with me one time, I will forgive him for stealing my thunder.


I found your letter the other day
My eyes a-round at the words it said
Did your heart pound as you wrote “Dear May”
As mine wound before it dead?

Your sure and steady manuscript
And pen full of ink equipped
Flowed into words of none clipped
While my soul into two, ripped.

Tears plunged onto the folded page
My mind lunged back to a fonder age
Our lives have ranged, as we bask in sage
The wage you won. Are we done?

Are we?

Good Things That Happened This Week

– met some deadlines

– finished the required reading for a class, almost last-minute

– I got to explain to people who Jimmer is

– saw an interesting French movie

– enjoyed In-N-Out burgers with a friend for her birthday

– did well on a couple of quizzes that weren’t from French class

– wrote a couple fun responses

– no big snafus at work

– treats at work on Friday

– strides in my personal life

– crazy snow on Tuesday

– exercise

– sleep

We’re not focusing on the negative. That’s not this list.

Let’s see what this week brings.

Irritable Things

I did a thing on my way home which caused someone to do a thing. And that caused me to want to do or say other things, but I held back on doing or saying such things. I mean, that someone was about to do a thing, and if I hadn’t done my thing, then that someone would have done that thing, and my thing seemed like a perfectly benign thing to do, but apparently the person thought differently and did another thing instead of the original thing that didn’t happen because I did a thing that stopped it. Seriously, what was I supposed to do? I wasn’t about to do a completely different thing; maybe just that someone was having a bad day and was finding excuses to do the pettiest things. I can understand that. It’s the first day of class, and all of a sudden frillions of students appear from nowhere, but come on, someone, it’s your job to do certain things, and people do things with an expectation of those things to be done. So, just do them.

I also papercut myself. I hate that.


In other news, today was a decent first day. I was on campus before 0800, but I basically have class from 0930-2000, with a couple of breaks in between. And none of my classes start on the hour.

French 321: 930
French 202: 1205
English 356: 1335
English 292: 1710

Fun stuff, right?


Je vais commencer d’écrire en français au moins une fois chaque semaine, parce que je veux améliorer.

Je viens de parler avec Mme Thompson, et c’était amusant. Elle m’a donné beaucoup d’information et m’a montré des photos. J’ai posé des questions, et elle a répondu. Pourtant, quand je suis entrée dans le bureau, j’ai oublié comment parler en français (parce que j’étais nerveuse), donc nous avons parlé en anglais.

Elle a posé des questions de mes notes. Quand je lui ai dit, elle a dit que je ferais le prochaîne suivant.

Au sujet avons-nous parlé? Vous êtes curieux, n’est-ce pas?