Can I have your autograph?

My roommates and I just finished making a pretty rockin’ video. I’m not in the video, but I did do the filming. I’ll probably get a copy of it, but I’ve been expressly instructed not to post it. Sorry to tease, people.

I voted tonight. I don’t know if I can give the contestants the same assessments this year as I did last year. But here’s how I call it:

Katie for the win

I really liked the one-on-one interviews between Cat and the contestants. People, she and I need to be friends. The club needs to hold a meeting to see if we can arrange some sort of friendship opportunity.

please don’t judge me

but i have the most enormous girl crush on cat deeley. wasn’t that adorable the way she talked to that little kid?

i’m forming a club. i know sarah’s in. anyone else? here are the officers:

president – invites guests for SYTYCD parties

vice president – coordinates refreshments for parties

secretary/historian – simulates a british accent and takes minutes and controls the dvr

treasurer – fundraises for stalking expeditions in britain and los angeles (pronounced “las ANgeleez”)

rotating spectator –¬†gets to say “cute dress!” first when cat walks on stage if s/he draws the long straw

ambassador to british reality show hosts – choreographs dances with other club members to dance in front cat deeley in public

please submit your applications and cover letters to the email address on the contact page. or, submit a video application with your authentic british accent impersonation to youtube.