Free Books to Utah/Salt Lake County Friends

You guys, we have a lot of books. Some of them are duplicates. Some of them we don’t want.

Here they are. If you can come pick up the books you want, or if I can meet you to give you the books, let me know. Text, email, or call. First come, first served. I am not paying to ship free books.

All books are paperback unless otherwise noted.  As we continue sorting through our books, we’ll probably have more to give away.

Author Title Condition

Ancient Prophets


Mormon, Editor


Le Livre de Mormon – Hardcover Missionary Copy



Who wouldn’t want one of these, n’est-ce pas?





Collected Works – Hardcover



Copyright 1931; has a nice old-book smell.





Zen in the Art of Writing



I annotated and highlighted throughout the book. As writers should. You may discover my secrets.





The Stranger (English)



This will put you in an AMAZING mood of despair!





The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay



Best read when wearing a cape.





The Name of the Rose



The last name makes me thinks that he writes about the environment. Reilly likes him a lot.





Cold Mountain



Did anyone see the movie? Did you really?





American Gods



Brush up on your ongoing and intense chases involving all sorts of mythology.





The Giver



Seriously, every home should have a copy of this book. I am giving one to you.





Your Best Life Now  – Hardcover



Spice up your life with a little pomade and evangelism.







Average to Poor

According to the NYT book review: “Swiftly moving, adroitly told.” So, it’s halfway like Twilight.








Fall in love with language and uplifting themes all over again.

St. Augustine





I agree with a lot of his philosophy and observations. Also, St. Augustine is one of my favorite towns.





The Age of Innocence



How can the Post-Bellum/Gilded Age be all that innocent? Edith Wharton will explain to all the ignorami.


My name is May. This is my month.

Of course I’ll share it with you. I mean, 31 days is more than plenty to go around.

What are you going to do with my month? It’s the best time of year with spring in full swing. Are you going to go on hikes? Go camping? Start exercising again?

Are you going to try to write more poetry? Start submitting your work to various publications?

What are you going to do with your garden? How do you plan to landscape your yard? Is mowing the lawn something you look forward to, more than raking leaves in the fall?

Will you get a puppy? I know people who really want puppies.

Will you be going on more dates? Will you try kissing more? Maybe you should work on your moves because then at least you’re working on something.

Go dancing. Fly kites. Sing scales. Don’t forget to include arpeggios.

Also, don’t forget Mother’s Day. Seriously.

We just renewed the lease on our apartment. We’ve been sporadically working on making our home cozy, a nice nook for us and books to live. Now that we’ll be here for another year we’re starting to feel more settled. We rearranged our bedroom so that it feels bigger. We put up a shelf for more of our books to live. We’ve hung some photographs and posters, and I’m considering curtains, but that seems too big of a commitment right now.  I know that sounds weird, but the idea of curtains excites and scares me at the same time.

We moved the bookshelf from our bedroom into the living area. We also bought another bookshelf for the living room. We rearranged a lot of the living space for the books, and now many hardcovers reside on the shelves in the living room. This opened up space in the library for us to get books out of storage so that they wouldn’t feel left out. I’m grateful they have a place now, but I can’t even imagine how the books feel.

As I write I realize that I could go on about how Reilly organized the paperbacks according to publisher but we have a lot of books from independent publishers, and I’d also like to organize his Spanish novels and my French ones, but then I wonder if I actually have a point to this post.

I mean, I guess I could liken books to people and this post could be about creating space for all types of people. Taking books out of the closet, that sort of thing. That would come across as pretty heavy-handed,  but I really can’t explain how much better I feel now that all our books are on the shelves.

We did all that in April.

Maybe my point is that I can’t wait to see what May brings.

Pun absolutely intended.

During Spring Break

Reilly’s spring break was this past week, and I also didn’t have to work. So, we partied.


Tuesday morning we wandered around the entire showroom at Ikea. We talked about improvements we could make to our living space. We recently renewed the lease on our apartment, so we decided to try to create cozy home feelings instead of being poised to move at any second. We purchased a few things and reorganized a bit. I admit that watching a lot of HGTV helps motivate with home projects. That can be bad and good at the same time.

Bridal Veil Falls

Wednesday morning we decided to “hike” Bridal Veil Falls. Utah County offers a ton of easy nearby trails, and the weather permitted us to go and explore the area. We didn’t climb the trail close to the falls, but we stayed on the low path and took pictures and had a picnic and watched people. We also noticed some foreign-sounding accents, which was cool and made me glad that world travelers can enjoy Utah.

More pictures if you click the photo below.

Yay, falling water!

Natural History Museum

Wednesday evening we met with Reilly’s sister at the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. The museum rests on the east foothills, which provides a fantastic view of the city. We started from the fifth floor and worked our way down. The building runs on solar power and the lighting doesn’t waste energy and the exhibits display lots of information about Utah’s natural history. There were displays about climate change and evolution. Sometimes Utah participates in science, which is refreshing.

Solar panels

My shoes!

Are they always smiling?


We finished the BBC series this week. Two very intense seasons so far. We started about a month ago and then we decided to watch all the episodes. The first season has six episodes, and the second season has four. It actually didn’t take too long.

BYU Museum of Art

Thursday afternoon we visited the heroes exhibit (which has now ended) at the BYU Museum of Art. Last week my friend Bridgette presented a paper at the “We Could Be Heroes” Symposium (which I’m very sad I couldn’t attend); my friend Annie had a display at that exhibit. Thanks, cool friends, for being so cool.

One we finished at the museum, we got the heck off BYU campus.

Kidding. Mostly.


Friday morning we attended a session at the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork. The temple is a gorgeous building, and the crowded parking lot indicates that it’s constantly busy.


Friday evening we met with some friends at the Orem Rec Center to play basketball, which means we shot around for a long time until we played a few rounds of lightning/elimination/speed and then shot around some more.

General Conference

What an uplifting way to end our week-long party. Except we also watched the season premiere of Mad Men. So there’s that.


Since BYU doesn’t have a spring break, this past week felt like a vacation. I enjoyed spending it with Reilly.

I like love songs

I am not in love, but I know a lot of people who are.

Damn the springtime.

Lover seems to carry a different meaning today than it used to. I had a professor who couldn’t help giggling whenever he heard or said the word. I giggle when I think about this professor giggling. He’s a funny guy.

The word today has extramarital overtones, as if the one you’re married to cannot possibly love you the way a lover can.

This song seems to portray a lover as, plainly, someone who loves.

Yet, it doesn’t downplay how complicated relationships are. You can feel the aching and longing in the words that fuse so well with the music. The song gives me a little insight about being in love; about being a lover and having one.

It’s a simple and beautiful duet, by two artists who know how to sing this type of song perfectly: Rachael Yamagata and Ray LaMontagne.

Oh lover, hold on
’till I come back again
For these arms are growin’ tired,
And my tales are wearing thin

If you’re patient I will surprise,
When you wake up I’ll have come

All the anger will settle down
And we’ll go do all the things we should have done

Yes I remember what we said
As we lay down to bed
I’ll be here if you will only come back home

Oh lover, I’m lost
Because the road I’ve chosen beckons me away

Oh lover, don’t you roam
Now I’m fighting words I never thought I’d say

But I remember what we said
As we lay down to bed
I’ll forgive you oh
If you just come back home

Oh lover, I’m old
You’ll be out there and be thinking just of me

And I will find you down the road
And we’ll return back home to where we’re meant to be

’cause I remember what we said
As we lay down to bed
We’ll be back soon as we make history.

Let’s Start Circulating Rumors and True Stuff


Don’t we look amazing together?

For the 5 regular followers of this blog, you know it’s March Madness, and maybe you know basketball is one of my favorite sports. You probably also know I attend a university that seems to be doing well in the NCAA tournament so far, and I like when people do well. And I support the fans who support our excellent teams.

We have really creative fans. Maybe too many. Which is why I need your help.

If you’re on facebook, you should take this poll and vote for your favorite fan sign: and/or here

If you’re not on facebook, you should take this poll and vote for your favorite fan sign:

Fun stuff, eh? The polls will be open until Friday. Don’t delay.

A Photo of Me, Not by Me

Prospect Park Jenny

This was taken about a year and a half ago, at Prospect Park. It was the very beginning of spring 2007, so it was still wintry. I like the gently curving path on the left. I love the spacing of people in the background. The naked trees, the early, long shadows of the shorter days, the sprawling field.

Jenny has a good eye.

Still camping. Counting the stars.

Because I’m Lazy, That’s Why

Maybe I was going to write up this spiel on how I got engaged today. Describe the boy and everything; how we met, our first kiss, how he proposed. And it was going to be brilliant. And ludicrous. And you wouldn’t even have seen embellished until you’ve read this little number, because it is April Fool’s, after all, and I wanted to get back into the subtle mockery that I’ve missed doing for so long. Because I can exaggerate and underplay at the same time.

But I won’t. Instead, I’ll post a letter I sent to my seminary class. It’s a little sassier than I intended. I’m not sure what to do about that. Maybe nothing.

Hello, Students! Happy Spring!
Imagine a cloud. It’s a low cloud, nimbus, plump with precipitation. It’s heavy, drooping and drippy. Slow-drippy. Sputtery. It wants to burst, but it can’t. This cloud knows once it releases its contained waters it will become lighter, float higher, dissipate into sunshine, yippee!
Imagine a tall, heaping cloud, cumulonimbus. It is turbulent, churning hail and creating numbing lightning within itself. This cloud is in a lot of pain and needs some rest to recover from the internal, unpleasant electricity. This cloud knows once the pain goes away, it too will become lighter float higher dissipate into sunshine. Yippee.
Here is the link for the reading calendar for the rest of the year. It also includes the reading from the 3rd term, for those of you interested in submitting makeup work:
Remember that makeup work is due Monday, April 6.
Also, General Conference this weekend! It’s gonna be great!
Please let us know if you have any questions or need anything.
We’re upon the last term of the year. It’s incredible how quickly the time has passed. Let’s make these last two months really count. Please come! Or, keep coming! We like it when you’re in class. Before you know it, the summer will be here, and you’ll miss the early morning fun. I can tell. 😉
I’m sorry I’ve been a little under the weather, and I know [other teacher] wishes she could be in class with everyone. Can you tell which cloud is which teacher?
You guys represent the sunshine, by the way. Thanks for that. Seriously.
See you in the morning.
Love, Sister Anderton

April showers. LOVE.

I left the link active for the reading calendar, just in case you want to turn in some makeup work, too. If so, hop to it. It’s due in five days.


So the sky unzipped and the rain fell through it and static lit it up and expanded it so it popped, or boomed.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed it, the cool air, the wet drops, the pyrotechnics: percussion at every level. It was a concert of the most exquisite music, appealing to all my senses.

Consider the musician, after all.

The trees are budding; the daffodils and other bulbs are peeking through the soil. Green is starting to pop up in little places. Green is so cute right now. In about a month, green is going to be downright sexy.

Spring is awesome.