Two Links and a Little Rant

I’m going to try making this pizza. It’s cheeseless and tomato-less, but looking at it made me really hungry. Too bad for you who don’t like mushrooms or fruit. Sarah also shouts-out to New York City, which: awesome. Miss you, girl.

Speaking of tomatoes, I read advice columns. Yes kids, it’s true. This is one of my regulars – I look forward to it every Wednesday. Sometimes the situations are extremely drama-laden, but Sars has no trouble calling anybody out and offering pretty great advice. I’m including today’s questions, only because I see friends around who might have similar experiences.


I will briefly interrupt my current mirth to say just this once how much it hurts when people lie to me. People I’m close to; people I’m supposed to trust. You’re not protecting me, and in the end, you’re not protecting yourself. I get tired of gritting my teeth and trying not to swear. I’m not perfect; I do stupid things all the time. But come on. Please, please, just tell the truth.

Back to current mirth: I received a 98% on the midterm I mentioned yesterday. Then I talked with my literary criticism professor about a paper I turned in a few weeks ago, and she said it was one of the best ones, then we talked about an upcoming project, and then she offered me some advice on my current academic track: classes to take, minors to declare and pursue (I should hurry up and declare microbiology as one of them), contests to enter, internships to apply for. She had no qualms telling me how cutthroat the creative writing business is. She was incredibly helpful.

Dangit, people. I really like school.

Nine. Eleven. Nine.

If it is
to sigh
and hold
the same time
I do.

I wasn’t there
eight years ago
but the air
is heavy
as families
read names
but the names
more lightly than
our mortal souls.

It was sunny,
clear, catastrophic
sudden, solemn
I choke back sobs
tears fall
and it feels
like rain.


In related news, Sarah Bunting is still trying to find her guardian angel from that day:
The original story on her blog
The radio spot on today’s The Takeaway

I Tweeted This. Maybe Pass It On.

Operation Find Don –; see for background.

Basically, one of my favorite bloggers is looking for the man who kept her company during 9/11. She wants to thank him. They were companions for much of that day, and then he went on to … somewhere, and Sars went home, and she hasn’t seen or heard of him since.

I want her to find him.

That is all.

Another Link to Solicit

Hey, All. Check out this site. It’s Donors Choose. Read the different projects, find one you’d like to donate to, and if you happen to have a spare $10 lying around, go ahead and put it toward the classroom, the teachers, the students in need. If you have more, then gosh-by-golly-gee. Maybe you can find a project that’s local. That particular link up there is for one of my favorite bloggers. Last year she raised over $101,000 and tomato-danced at Rockefeller Plaza. If she can raise $100,000 by October 31, she’ll take herself and her tomato costume down to the White House and do a little dance. While this would be fun to see, what would be even more worthwhile is to see students with books and supplies and whatever else they need to take their education up to the level they deserve. The teachers are especially grateful, too. It’s not the best time in history to be donating, but don’t these students know it. They’ve taken big budget hits outside of and way before the recession. Also, if you’re a teacher or know a teacher who has a project to propose, Sars is still accepting submissions. So far, Sars has raised more than $33,615, and it’s only October 5. Can she keep this up? Can you help her? Can you help the students?