About Three Years

Last night, I went to mapmyrun.com – which I haven’t used in three years – and logged in and mapped a two-mile route. Then I ran that route this morning. I still feel pretty incredible, and it’s been almost twelve hours. I went really slow, about a 10-minute pace, as I hadn’t run outside in cold weather in a very long time. I remember training for the Austin half-marathon a while back, and that was during the winter, but I had a rule of not running when it’s below 30 degrees. Well, this morning, it was about 20 degrees, but it wasn’t too bad, given the dryness of Utah. Plus, after five minutes, I was nice and toasty, but I still had a little trouble breathing. Not because of elevation, but because I’m out of shape. I didn’t stop, though; that sort of surprised me.

This is one of my routes in New York City. I’m not going to post today’s route because I don’t feel like giving any weirdos out there my location.

It’s Almost 2am

What am I doing up?

I’ll be heading to bed soon.

A certain department head sent me an email this evening, and it was a delightful little surprise. It came at midnight.

What was she doing up?

Anyway, the other night after the talent show, while I was waiting for the bus, I saw her running across the street to the parking lot.

Yes, running. And of course it amused me, because in my head, the French don’t run.

Magic Transporter Mission #1: Get My Bike to Utah

I just got back from a run. I ran south on State Street to Bulldog (1230 North). Then I turned east and ran past University Avenue to the road just before the big hill up to campus. Then I turned and ran south behind the RB and fieldhouse and soccer fields and ended up at 800 North, right beside the Brick Oven. I headed east to the duck pond and stretched and did some crunches. Then I headed further east toward J Dawgs and ended up on Campus Drive. I figured I’d wait for the bus home at the Wilkinson Center. But I checked to make sure I brought my bus pass and I had my student ID instead. Oops. I did also bring my debit card, but I decided since I have a bus pass, it wouldn’t be worth it to spend $2 just to catch the bus. So I swigged some water from a fountain inside the Wilk, cut northwest through campus, walked west on 1230 North to State Street, and charged up the hill to my apartment complex. About 4.5 miles total. It’s gorgeous outside, and I really enjoyed the sunshine.

I want to ride my bike. It is in a storage unit in New York City. Getting it to Utah shouldn’t be a big deal:

1. Get bike out of storage, along with bike pump.
2. Put bike in bike box for shipping.
3. Ship bike, ground service would be fine.

Seems easy enough. I’m not sure where I packed the pump, and I’d also like to have my biking clothes shipped, too. And that would complicate things a bit more, given the haphazard way I stored everything. I do have my good bike shoes and my helmet, but I don’t have any butt pants. And if I’m going to be putting substantial miles on the bike, I definitely need my butt pants. I didn’t realize I’d want to want to ride my bike so much, but the weather right now begs for it. And, it surprises me to say, my chances of moving back to New York long-term are thinning. It would be nice to have my bike around for free fun with friends.

At any rate, I’d like to fit in a couple of rides before it gets cold.

But, anytime I try to figure simplicity into plans, it always turns out to be a hassle.

We’ll see.

Let’s Brag about Our Friends, Shall We?

Cathy. Sister of Becky, who got married on Thursday.
Cathy. Mother of five.
Cathy. Runs.
Like the wind apparently.
71st out of 9673 women.
This morning.
She kept it under 7:40/mile.
In much cooler conditions than she’s used to running.
Freezing rain. IN ORLANDO.
Becky said Cathy was a contender.
Cathy brushed it off.
Cathy. Smoked the asphalt.

Incredible job!


She had woken up sweating. She wanted to open her eyes and find the sun rising, but it was still dark. She mentally kicked herself. She forced her eyes shut and tried to will herself back to sleep. She was up for the day now. Her mind had begun reeling. That’s what jerked her to consciousness.

She thought about planning on going for a morning jog. She was too intent on trying to get back to sleep. She was so focused on this task she didn’t notice that the sun WAS finally coming up. It didn’t take long, though. She was too tired from trying to return to her slumber, so she didn’t go running; she just laid in her bed.

How confusing. She kept glancing at the clock wondering how time was passing so quickly. The clock wasted minutes much faster than she wanted. She yanked her mind from her black-hole universe and began assigning minutes to her shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast. She should have established a routine by now. At least her body agreed to wake her up every morning before the sun rises.

She could see how much more brightly blue the sky was becoming. She didn’t quite correlate this to time passing. The thought of being late for work barely nudged her. She stayed in bed. She was still perspiring, but she kept the covers on. Nothing is like waking up tired. She was used to feeling somewhat rested, but something over the weekend completely whipped her.

She usually felt great on Mondays then ran out of steam as the week progressed. SO confused; her week was beginning with a sputter.

Not only did sweat drench her pajamas, she had woken up with one of those impending-doom feelings sinking in her stomach.

She’s had that all day.

She almost doesn’t want to go to sleep tonight, for fear of what she might wake up to.

Funny, it seems most people fear not waking up at all …