Today, my student loan grace period ends.

It’s hard to believe six months have passed since graduation. Sitting in the Marriott Center, falling to sleep to Elder Oaks’s commencement speech. I only slept because my friends who sat by me made me so very comfortable. The hour before, we happened to find each other in that giant mob of the School of Humanities, all of us scattered about in the ASB parking lot, and it’s not like we planned it. We’re humanities majors; our degrees were not in planning. But we stood in the sun, waited for our cue, marched into the arena. Passed by professors in their regalia while “Pomp and Circumstance” blared. I wonder if Sir Edward Elgar ever got annoyed by how long his piece could be.

I could not have been more honored sitting with these friends:

Maddie thinks big and likes small houses. She’s passionate for noble causes and homemade pickles.

Jen, “Ms. Magna,” was so very ready to take her vacation to Ireland and wants to take on a certain spritely dancing violinist.

Stephanie, was more or less on her way to an internship in France, because if you can change France, you change the world.

Bridgette has already landed a job, and her mind is anywhere but Provo. She might be too smart for her own good.

The five of us. A juggernaut of awesome women. BYU graduates. Ever so ready to take on the world.

I wish we would have gotten a picture.

Always, I’ll feel indebted, but friends are the kind of grace never ends.


Dr. Anderton,

I’m sorry for the delays on our part — and for not getting back to your queries yet. We simply have an atrocious backlog, but I know you’ve been waiting some time so I’ll make sure you get a review during our next round, which we’re doing now.

Almost all I ever wanted, all in the first two words of an email. It was a response to an inquiry about a manuscript I submitted to an academic journal. The managing editor and I have exchanged a few emails in the past eternity, and I understand the backlog situation, which certainly helps me not to be annoyed. Plus? Even if the manuscript ultimately gets rejected, the inadvertent title totally made my day.

Someday, as I prepare for world domination, all of you will call me “Dr. Anderton.” I imagine you’ll enjoy it. As long as I’m not mean.

Bonding Chat

:)’s [full name] … vanderbilt

you’re totally marrying into southern money

2:01pm 🙂
oh yes i am!
2:02pm May
they totally need your persuasive ways down there

singles dinner at my house
2:05pm 🙂
haha why?

2:06pm May
they’re convinced that theirs is the only way. and their ways are sometimes really bizarre and delusional

i already have plans today.

2:06pm 🙂
yeah my dads ward


i think they could use me in the jello/cabbage part of the world

2:07pm May
them too

those worlds sometimes combine, and it’s a big jello and grits mess

2:08pm 🙂

2:08pm May
just an idea. i know you have big plans for the world

2:09pm 🙂
i do

2:10pm May
i’ll just wait for that, then

yeah well

no rush

2:11pm May
no pressure

2:11pm 🙂
the world is not yet ripw mwahaha

2:11pm May

2:11pm 🙂
im going to be pretty chill

ruling the world

2:11pm May
i’ll be so thrilled

2:12pm 🙂
mandatory i heart irony shirts for my staff

2:12pm May
i’m glad i already have mine. oh. am i staff?

2:13pm 🙂
sure chief of…

wha do you want to be cheif of?

2:14pm May
oh, anything. subtleness. something

chief of small things

2:14pm 🙂
i liek that

overlooking small people, skittles, paperclips and monoco

2:15pm May

2:16pm 🙂
any any microbiology we have lying arounf

2:16pm May
very nice

i’m very excited

2:16pm 🙂
me to



2:18pm May
who’s in charge of reclining chairs?

[someone we know]


2:19pm 🙂
ha g2g happy birthday

i mean eater


you, too!

2:19pm 🙂
yes thats it


2:20pm 🙂 is offline.