Move Along, Just Another Vague Post Here

Could two men have been more polarizing?

Thanks to everyone who voted. To those who didn’t: really?

One time on facebook I posted a biased article about a politician who said a very dumb thing about the very serious subject of rape, and the writer presented the article such that the this politician’s philosophy represented his entire political party. We all say things we regret, and we all latch onto the mistakes of those we want to lose to feel a sense of winning, advantage. We stand on any defeat — at any cost — to gain even minimal height. Definitely, rape is serious, but I wonder just how seriously we should have taken one (or several) politician(s) with a relatively fringey opinion.

I should have been more thoughtful about posting that article.

It must be so, so hard to be the President of the United States. I was president of the Free Club with some of my college roommates, and it was hard. All we had to do was get things for free. We could go to grocery stores and try all the free samples, get rebates, win prizes. I didn’t know how much responsibility I had.

I was nervous for both men. I was ready to support both men. Throughout this election season, I thought secretly, if one wins, couldn’t he appoint the other to be an advisor or something? A member of the Cabinet? Wasn’t one’s healthcare plan modeled after the other? Wasn’t that earlier healthcare plan one of greatest achievements of the one candidate? Couldn’t one use his business expertise to advise the other about fixing the economy? If one wins, couldn’t one consult the other in foreign policy or legislation deadlocks? What would our divided Congress do if these two men actually worked together?

What if?

What the if?

That’s not how politics works.

But that’s how we can work.

If our nation continues to divide, I won’t have a choice but to run for president of my square block in Orem, Utah. I’d construct a soundproof highway barrier that would reduce freeway noise and would still let my citizens see the sunset. I’d also reduce rent.

If we can’t at least seek to understand other points of view and acknowledge when others try to understand ours, then our nation will continue its downward spiral into a pit of poop.

If we sidestep accountability and responsibility in our own lives, families will crumble, and entire communities will landslide into the pit of poop.

If we pray for our country but are unkind to one another: pit of poop.

Are these two men standing on opposite ends of this pit?

Or are a better state and happier times a happy medium of something less poopy?

States of America, we are supposed to be United.

Let us make that true.

We Voted!

He’s wearing purple. I’m wearing red. We aim to confuse.

We didn’t wait longer than 10 minutes in line. We arrived at Orem Elementary School just before 5:30 this evening.

While we stood in line, we talked pretty loudly about some of the headlines we’d seen throughout the day.

We approached the table and our names were the only two Rs on the last page in the R section of the registered voter binder.

The poll worker gave me an electronic card. The machine I used is very different and so much more . . . modern than the machine I used when I voted in NYC. What was this fancy touchscreen? Why didn’t I have to walk into a booth and close a curtain and use all my brute strength to vote?

I spent maybe at least 5 minutes voting/playing with the fancy machine. I watched the ballot print through a little plastic window. I removed my electronic card in time for a poll worker to check a number on the machine I used. Apparently I was the 47th person today to use that machine.

Reilly waited for me just outside the gym/auditorium/second cafeteria where voted.

We ate. We came home. We took a picture.

We feel pretty good.

On Voting

My very first federal election is coming up. After changing my name and residence for voter registration, I looked up my ballot. There are a lot of names I don’t know. The only political commercials that air on television don’t even apply to my congressional district, and presidential commercials don’t even air around here because not enough Obama voters live here, so I guess Romney’s using the money he saved from Utah to campaign like crazy in other states where Obama has a competing influence. Which I know is Mitt’s biggest concern. I just wonder where he gets and how he keeps his tan.

Anyway, here’s what my ballot looks like. I’m about halfway done researching the list, which sort of helps, but it’s mostly overwhelming. I recognize some of the names from billboards. My votes may just boil down to whether I like the spelling of names or if I can write poems from the anagrams of names or if my favorite letter of the alphabet that day is A. It is no coincidence that the initials of my new married name are the same as Mitt Romney. So, I could vote that way. Also, I like the Yes or No questions for the judges. Nothing about voting in Utah, America is confusing in the least little way.

Out with the Inside

A comment I left on another blog:

“This is probably as best as we can expect from the current system, which wasn’t purged the instant Obama became president. I look at people’s achievements and tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. Obama appointed highly capable people; people accepted. People got called out; people stepped down. Obama openly takes the blame. I respect that.

“I still believe Obama. It’s been just over two weeks since he took the Oath of Office. Two weeks is not a lot of time, but he’s gotten some big things done. The hope is renewed, but the healing is just going to take a lot longer. Weeding out ALL the corruption isn’t entirely realistic, and what can happen is not going to happen right away.

“I like what Obama said about double-standards. That’s why he said he screwed up. Rule of Law is Rule of Law, for common citizens and government alike. It’s gonna take time. He’s on it.”

I don’t know everything that’s happening. I’ve simplified the situation, making some pretty big assumptions. Maybe Obama underestimated how complex Insider Washington is. Those very insiders developed the double standard he mentioned. Don’t hire them, you say? They’re still going to be there. Replace them, you say? Well, looks like they’re working on that.

He already said he wasn’t perfect. And he already said there’s a long road ahead. And early on, he acknowledges and wants to fix his screwups.

If only more of us realized the same things about ourselves.

Winter’s Dawning


I’m sorry if this photo looks like something Thomas Kinkade would do. It’s noisy here, but the scene was amazing and clear and took my breath away in person. This is what the park looked like this morning at 5:45, with the lamps peeking through the trees and the shine bouncing off the snow. I thought about writing up the obvious metaphors about today’s inauguration, but I won’t. I will say that I might be getting a bit more accustomed to the winter. That, ladies and gentlemen, is an historic moment. Times are a-changing.

Well, America, You Got It Done.

I’m still quite subdued about the whole thing. My Democratic friends jumped up and down and cried, rejoicing. My Republican friends were gracious or bitterly disappointed or angry. Which I can understand. I think if Senator McCain had won, I would have had to listen to a lot of whining from the left. I mean, it happened so fast. We found out SO early. All of a sudden CNN was flashing that Obama would be the next president, and I was instant messaging Karissa, and I said whoa and she said WOW and I said whoa and she said YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! and I just couldn’t believe it. Then I got teary-eyed as Senator McCain’s eyes welled up and suddenly I couldn’t stay awake, even after taking a little nap. I guess the whole thing took a bigger emotional toll on me than I was aware. I’m grateful for the change. I have bigger and very hopeful thoughts I can’t quite articulate, but I’ll say this much now: I like the idea of someone who can inspire and conciliate leading our country. I like the idea of Michelle Obama being our First Lady. I especially like the idea of a new puppy in the White House.

On the way home from the gym tonight

A Barack Obama campaign canvasser stopped me, and we talked about campaigning. She tried convincing me to be a volunteer for the campaign. The final stretch. I told her I didn’t want to. As the conversation ended, I crossed my fingers for the campaign, and I wished her luck.

I nearly bumped into someone because I was watching a shirtless man running from Central Park across the street. To my side of the street. I turned the corner and had to dodge a few people and look really casual doing so. I wouldn’t normally be paying extra attention to a shirtless running man … oh, heck. Who am I kidding? I will want to turn my head and stare every single time.

Perhaps the most horrible subway platform musician was playing the saxophone at the 47-50 Streets station on the BDFV line. His entire range was three notes. I mean, it’s definitely possible to play something beautiful with three notes, but all this guy did was honk: WHONNNNNK, WAHHHHHHN! HAAAAAAAAAAHNK! It wasn’t pretty, people. If I had gotten off at that stop, I would have tried paying him to get him to stop HAWAAAAAHNKing.

Now, If the saxophone player were a shirtless runner and campaigning for Obama and only intermittently honking, I’d probably have less of a headache.

It may be that I need to drink a whole lot more water. Already a half-gallon today, though.

Go On

Expect to get bombarded in the next 5 weeks or so. It’s gonna be close.

“Plan for Change” Ad:

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Well, Mr. Obama wants to run this ad on television. As you can see, it’s a two-minute bit. I’m not sure how much that would cost. If you’re going to vote for him, you can support his campaign by donating to it and/or spreading this video.

I still believe all the candidates are decent people. They seem kind and well-meaning. But, I’m still leaning left.

A Sort of Live Blog of Obama’s Nomination Acceptance

(From an instant message chat Thursday evening during The Big Speech. For the record, I really liked the last half. And this was on the eve of Ms. Palin accepting the veep appointment from McCain. Friends, I haven’t been more excited about politics in my life.)

me: stop with the rhetoric, dude
Friend: who is dude
10:01 PM me: that guy who’s taking SO long to introduce O
Friend: oh yes, him
can we?
can we?
me: WE CAN!
Friend: i deplore politics
10:02 PM me: ooh. video tribute
the dnc seems more fun than the rnc would be
Friend: yes, probably
i went here
me: oh?
10:03 PM Friend: yeah, i knew a girl…a staunch dem who got free tickets
McC actually gave a very stirring talk if i remember right
me: that’s cool
10:04 PM all stirring speeches
Friend: ftr, i hope that McC does not choose Romney
me: me, too
Friend: i’m tired of the bashers
me: i’ve slated romney for the cabinet
Friend: and, i don’t want him bashing O
that looks bad
me: yeah
Friend: so, who will win?
10:05 PM me: oh, man. a lot of hillary defectors have crossed over to red
Friend: really?
me: i’ve seen a few unsubstantiated polls
10:06 PM i actually think it might be close, with O for the win
Friend: yeah, that’s my current thought
10:09 PM me: you ready to pay higher taxes?
Friend: can’t wait
10:10 PM me: O had chubby cheeks as a kid
he’s his brother’s keeper. so am i
Friend: i can’t hear them over the radio
his cheeks that is
10:11 PM me: i forget you shun the evil boob tube
oh. here he is!
Friend: yes, but no tax break for me
10:12 PM me: do you hear the cheesy music?
Friend: a little
me: people are tearing up
10:13 PM the stadium is packed
Friend: thank you so much
10:14 PM me: seriously.
we can already
10:17 PM dangit, i’m clapping for michelle O
Friend: i missed her talk the other night
me: catch the transcript

5 minutes

10:23 PM me: tithing on change
10:26 PM becky’s a believer in free economy
Friend: and so her vote goes to…
10:27 PM me: she just disagrees with his economic policy
and i understand that
she might go mcc though
Friend: he’s not really inspiring me in this speech actually
10:28 PM me: not to stirring
Friend: he just sounds like another politician to me
10:29 PM me: it’s going to be all talk from here on out
and stuff we’ve heard before
so whom do we believe more?
Friend: yeah, it all sounds the same
10:30 PM do all the clappers really believe the talk…?
me: it seems so
10:31 PM if he told them to drink the kool aid, they just might
Friend: yes, maybe
10:32 PM me: oh. good. specifics
10:33 PM Friend: um, what about non-profits?
me: hmm
not included in the small business sector?
Friend: drilling in utah
me: will he? will he really?
10:35 PM Friend: can he deliver on that?
me: yeah. that’s a pretty big ticket
Friend: O, i want to believe you
10:36 PM me: if enough people believe him …
Friend: ah, education
me: if we sign on as our brother’s keeper
Friend: right
he’s against vouchers
10:37 PM me: what do they do?
i don’t remember
Friend: allow parents to move their children from bad schools to good schools
me: what’s he proposing instead?
10:38 PM Friend: i can’t remember…it was in the Washington Post today
me: okay. i’ll look it up
10:39 PM Friend: goodbye adult education
me: that’s kind of counterproductive, eh?
10:40 PM Friend: hard to measure gains…always gets cut
really, i’d be surprised if it was cut under his leadership
me: oh, you’re talking about his line-itemizing. eek
Friend: yes
10:41 PM i like O as a new face to the foreign world
but, not as commander in chief
but mcc scares me too
10:42 PM i’m concerned about iran
me: it’s gonna get so messy, Friend
Friend: umm…pakistan has said no
i think so
10:43 PM righteousness will keep us safe O
me: vote for Friend!
Friend: i’m writing me in
me: awesome.
Friend: but i think i have to be married, no?
10:44 PM me: wasn’t there a single president somewhere in history?
Friend: i dunno
me: or just hurry up and get married
Friend: yeah, i just needed a deadline
10:45 PM me: so many guarantees
am i wrong for being skeptical?
Friend: not at all
he will not deliver
on just about everything he is saying
sorry O
10:46 PM it sounds like he’s reading this in a mirror
me: he’s very polished looking
10:47 PM nice on the rhetoric
Friend: right
10:49 PM me: what? compromise?
who’s heard of that?
Friend: you are the word expert
10:51 PM ummm…c’mon O…it’s about you too
you know you are a big deal
and you like it
me: yep
10:52 PM Friend: your voice betrays you Friend
me: yep, that’s about him
Friend: sounds like Gore to me
10:53 PM me: and oprah
10:56 PM we cannot turn back!
Friend: you said it
me: yes, we can?
ooh. scripture
Friend: can we?
10:57 PM me: turn back?
Friend: no we can’t
can we?
me: he said we can’t
Friend: i’m confused
me: 😦
Friend: wow
10:58 PM me: his family’s hugging him now
and country music’s blasting
Friend: fireworks?
me: pyrotechnics, not full-blown works
10:59 PM oh, here’s biden
Friend: he has funny hair
me: hee
Friend: in the back
me: ooh. confetti
like it wants to be a mullet, his hair
Friend: yes, it’s trying
me: don’t make your hair do that, please
11:00 PM Friend: the only hair i have that will grow long is in the back
i might have to try it
me: can i braid it, then?
Friend: i think so
11:01 PM me: oh. real fireworks now
not good for the carbon footprint, O
Friend: hypocrites
11:02 PM at least the chinese could fake it
me: hee.
okay, sir. i need sleep
Friend: and me, goodnight
me: ‘night