Three Things About the Trip

1. Take what you can get
People give what they can
It’s not all about you
It’s not personal, except when it is
Recognize when it is
Isn’t that right, Canadian border patrol lady?

2. Give all you can
Moments matter
Because the people you love matter
And you never want to regret holding back
Especially when you’re one of the two people
Awake in the car
And the other person is driving

3. All time is quality time

I learned about geotagging on the iPhone. I learned a lot about other people and myself. I learned stuff that I’ll wait to write about, just because I need to think about it a while. Although this writing is vague, my heart is full, and my perspective is clear.

Also, if you ever get the chance to ride/drive a Nissan Cube, take it. You’ll get more attention than you could ever imagine.

Pictures to come. Maybe even video.

Thanks for a wonderful time.

Have A Great Weekend!

So, I won’t be posting this weekend; I’ll be on a short road trip. I’m debating whether to pack the thong bikini. I hear it might get a bit chilly, so I’ll probably just put on some socks.

Ooh. Sunscreen. Bug spray. Essential.

I’ll leave you with a fun little video. I thought about trying to post something a little more serious, but come on, the past few days? Don’t you get sick of the heavy hand? Instead, you get a rabbit walking on its little hind legs. Poor thing needs to study human movement a little more. It’s not even swinging its front legs properly to counterbalance its stride.

I’m not impressed AT ALL.

Thanks to Karissa for passing this along. She really has nothing better to do in Japan. Good thing she’s coming back to the States soon. Remember America, Karissa? Because you’re American? Your cats even know about America, and they’re Siamese.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “bunny walks like person“, posted with vodpod


Everyone, have an amazing weekend. You might have a little trouble since I won’t be here, but you’ll manage. I believe in you. And I only devote so much space in my head for things to believe, so you’re very fortunate. The rest goes to being a genius. My head is large for my midget body. Obviously.

Oh – did I say the “M” word?

Oh, one more thing: on Sunday, my passport is getting its first-ever stamp. Boo-yah! Hollah! Woot-woot! Yippee! Boom-chicka-bow-wow!

(Okay, fine, it’s Canada – Niagara Falls, but whatever. It’s a stamp, baby!)
(Also, of course I’m excited.)
(What? Me? Sassy?)