Finally, A Post Unrelated to Senegal

I mean,  it’s only been a month, right?

Anyway, I checked my Twitter feed this morning.

I follow Neil Gaiman. He writes things, like graphic novels and other novels. I also follow a few friends, like my high school buddy named Francis. He writes, too. Much better than he bowls. He also follows Neil Gaiman.

Both are pretty bright fellows. Francis has 91 followers, and Neil has 1,599,455 followers. No big.

So, imagine my surprise when I see this:

But I guess I wasn’t really surprised. It was an inevitable eventuality. And, it’s not small talk, as you can see. It’s substantial stuff that has to do with writing and its effect on people’s real lives.

So, I have cool friends. Of course I do.

A Quick Quote

“Mirrors are wonderful things. They appear to tell the truth, to reflect life back out at us; but set a mirror correctly and it will lie so convincingly you’ll believe that something has vanished into thin air, that a box filled with doves and flags and spiders is actually empty, that people hidden in the wings or the pit are floating ghosts upon the stage. Angle it right and a mirror becomes a magic casement; it can show you anything you can imagine and maybe a few things you can’t.”

–Neil Gaiman

This would have been a perfect introduction to the movie Becky and I made. But I saw Coraline this past Saturday, and I hadn’t yet read a lick of Neil Gaiman, and I stared vacantly at the stack of graphic novels in the bookstore, and I had no idea where to begin. I started to call Sarah, because she knows our good friend, Brian, who is a hardcore Gaiman fan. I let the phone ring then I hung up and decided against the “comic books” for now. I perused the science fiction/fantasy shelf, and I happened upon a book of “short fictions and illusions,” called Smoke and Mirrors.

I love the short stuff. I know I’ve said that before.

The quote about mirrors? Part of the introduction.

What I thought of Coraline? Fits in perfectly with what he said about mirrors.

My experience with working with mirrors and telling a story in making that video with Becky? I kind of get it now.

Becky burned all of our work onto a DVD and gave it to me yesterday. I’m going to go watch that right now.