Sometimes I Like to Mock Things

The lighting here isn’t bad.

I’m back in the good ol’ US of A. I’ve been in Provo just over 24 hours. Jetlag is possessing my body, but in between naps I’m managing to be productive. Actually, it’s a fight between jetlag and stress. Hundreds of pictures to sort through. So many stories to tell. Too many memories to count.

August Awakening

This morning at 6:23 I received the following text from my good friend, Anagram. She was on her way out of the city in a purely relocationary way. To San Diego. Just about as far away as one can get in the contiguous United States:

laguardia has been evacuated. i was literally the next in line for ticketing. apparently nyc was not ready to say goodbye.

A photo was attached to this message. The morning sun shone on crowds of people corralled in one of the airport drives.

I texted back: So wild. What’s going on?

Then, this text conversation followed:

Anagram: no idea. we are all outside but dont know anything. no flights are leaving or arriving since its on lockdown. so much for connecting flight. (6:27am)

Me: Watching the news. Hopefully they’ll tell you something soon. (6:29am)

Anagram: is anything on the news? its been mentioned theres a conspicuous lack of news choppers. (6:30am)

Me: Not so far. The anchors are smiling way too much. (6:31am)

Me: The news is clueless. Nothing about the evacuation yet. (6:42am)

Anagram: google news? [this question is very characteristic of her major search engine fandom.] (6:43am)

Me: Wow. Nada. (6:45am)

Me: Man with explosive. Bomb squad. (6:51am)

Anagram: oh wow. (6:55am)

Me: Well. Reports of a suspicious package from nbc. (7:00am)

Anagram: aww. man w explosive is a better story. (7:01am)

Me: Abc says man w explosive has been arrested. (7:03am)

Anagram: for reals? (7:04am)

Me: Yeah. Bomb threat. Arrest made. Allegedly. (7:05am)

Anagram: i just told that to a passenger and she said that the arrest was made b4 they evacuated. (7:07am)

Me: Civilians are much better reporters than the media. (7:07am)

Anagram: you said it. if only more were on twitter. (7:10am)

It took almost half an hour for something to show up on the news networks. And each station reported varying vaguenesses. When information finally did come, it was stuff I already knew, or I’d already heard about it in better detail. It wasn’t news at all. It was … olds.

Amy, I hope you’re doing okay.