Just a Thought

So, three girls at a banana split social. It’s a girls’ social. And they have these bananas. And ice cream – vanilla and chocolate flavors. And walnuts. And caramel. And chocolate syrup. And maraschino cherries. With stems.

After these girls finish their sundaes, they’re found concentrating. Sitting together. On a bench. Away from the crowd.┬áNot talking, but intensely focused. On tying their stems into knots. With their tongues. Of course.

That’s got to be the reason these girls are single, right?


Good News Instructions vol 2

1. Check out this post. Sars is about to start a ice cream bracket to determine the winner of all ice creams. (She helped host a cheese bracket not too long ago. British cheddar won.) This specific post asks what the difference is between Rocky Road and Heavenly Hash. Three random commenters will win a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

2. Perform a text search (Ctrl+F) for triple. Note in whose comment this word belongs.

3. Check out the email message I found waiting for me today:
That’s right, my sweets — your next B&J pint is on me.

I have to wait for Ben and/or Jerry to send me the coupons, and then I’ll send them along to you, so in the meantime, please send me your mailing addresses (I don’t sell them to anyone, don’t worry).

If you’re not in the U.S., I’m not sure the coupon is valid, so I can send you some stickers or magnets instead.

Thanks for commenting on the thread!


PS Just hit reply, not reply-all. Thankee.

4. Pretend you’re me.

5. Jump up and down for winning a free pint of ice cream.