Let’s Start Circulating Rumors and True Stuff


Don’t we look amazing together?

For the 5 regular followers of this blog, you know it’s March Madness, and maybe you know basketball is one of my favorite sports. You probably also know I attend a university that seems to be doing well in the NCAA tournament so far, and I like when people do well. And I support the fans who support our excellent teams.

We have really creative fans. Maybe too many. Which is why I need your help.

If you’re on facebook, you should take this poll and vote for your favorite fan sign: http://poll.fm/f/2t8pd and/or here http://poll.fm/f/2t9wa

If you’re not on facebook, you should take this poll and vote for your favorite fan sign: http://byufansigns.questionpro.com/

Fun stuff, eh? The polls will be open until Friday. Don’t delay.

A Little Text Savvy

Me, to a guy friend:  Would any of your hot [distinguishing quality] friends be interested in going out?

Guy friend: They will have to ask their wives or [girlfriends]? There might be one though. Why who is asking?

Me: Just me. I haven’t been on a date in a while. 🙂

Guy friend: Well, we can fix that in a few weeks. This [sic] next two weeks are pretty intense.

Me: You’re a stud. Good luck with everything the next couple of weeks.

Now all I need to do is find someone to go out with in the meantime.

Un Épisode

Il est mignon et je suis mignonne. Mais ce n’est pas important.

Il y a deux soirs, nous sommes déshabillés.

Nous dĂ©scendions le jacuzzi. L’eau Ă©tait plutĂŽt chaude, mais l’air Ă©tait trĂšs froid. Il m’avait invitĂ© et j’ai dit, “oui”.

Nous n’Ă©tions pas nus, bien sĂ»r. Vous ĂȘtes fous.

Nous aimons passer de temps ensemble. Personne n’Ă©tait dans le jacuzzi – seulement lui et moi. Il me posait beaucoup de questions, mais quand je le posait des questions, il a briĂšvement rĂ©pondu et puis il m’a fait encore parler. J’Ă©tais Ă©tonnĂ©e. Je pensais qu’il parlĂąt plus, mais au lieu, il voulait savoir de ma famille, oĂč j’habitais  et oĂč je travaillais. Donc, j’ai parlĂ© de Floride et New York; j’ai parlĂ© de mon pĂšre de naissance. Je ne pouvais pas arrĂȘter de parler.

Ensuite, un autre couple venait au jacuzzi. Ils gĂąchaient l’ambiance.

Pourtant, nous avons Ă©changĂ© des massages. Mais ce n’est pas important.

AprĂšs une heure et quart passaient, nous sommes partis. Nous avons marchĂ© Ă  sa voiture, et il a mis sa bra autour de moi. Hee. Quand nous sommes arrivĂ©s Ă  sa voiture, il m’a Ă©treint et m’a soulevĂ©. J’ai un peu ri.

Bien sûr, nous ne nous sommes pas embrassés. Non.

Mais ce n’est pas important.

I Want to Ride Your Bicycle

While sitting at the park this afternoon, I managed to read, listen to music, take pictures, and people-watch all at the same time. I sighted a few runners, observed their form, thought about how much I miss running. Then I got over it and went back to whatever I was doing.

A while later I caught a bicyclist in my periphery. I usually notice the bike first – what kind it is, the pedals, the gears, the handlebars – and if I see the pedals are clipless, I try to see what kind of shoes are attached, then I can’t help but notice the legs that are attached to the shoes, etc. YOU know.

This guy rode a red mountain bike, which looked old, but sturdy. He was bald, and it crossed my mind how much he looked like Mr. Locke from Lost, but younger. He seemed a little older, but not too old. I guess like his bike, except more attractive.

Before I realized I was actually staring at him so I could quickly look away, he found my eyes and smiled at me, and we said hello to each other.

He rode past me and stopped to rest a few benches away in the shade. We looked at each other, and then I sent the following text to some friends: “A guy rode on his bike into the park. We said hi to each other. If he tried picking up on me, I might let him…”

I went back to my book, all the while acutely aware of the bicyclist ogling me. I took a drink from my water bottle and happened to glance at him drinking from his. I sat a while longer, pretending to read, watching people walk by me and adoring their cute babies.

The bicyclist remounted his bike and rode past me again, and he told me to have a good day, and I told him to take care, and I thought that was the end of it. I “read” for a little while longer and saw that he stopped at a fountain behind me, about 75 feet away. I could feel his eyes searing the top of my head.

I checked the time and decided it was time to go. I packed up my things and started walking toward the car. I ended up walking in front of the bicyclist, and I smiled at him, then all of a sudden I got really shy and turned away onto the path that led to the car.

As I neared the park entrance, I turned my head to the right and saw the bicyclist riding next to me. He asked what my plans were. I cleared my throat. I asked him to get off his bike, and I would tell him. We stopped at the gate.

He gently pushed me against the threshold, and before I could breathe, he leaned down and kissed me. The breeze from the river blew through my hair. His hands barely held me; it was his warm, soft lips that paralyzed me, except for my arms which pulled him closer.

Without breaking, we fumbled our way to a bench, and our mouths continued to work together. His stubble tickled my face. I liked his hands holding the back of my head, the small of my back. All of my senses drastically sharpened, except for my sense of time, and perhaps, my common sense.

Just kidding! We did chat for a moment when he pulled up beside me, then he just kept on riding.

And I went home.

The Best General Advice I Could Ever Follow Right Now

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

So …

I could, but I shouldn’t, so I didn’t.

And it’s the best for everybody.

Sorry, kids, I can’t get more specific than that.

Hopefully this time next year when I revisit this post I will have forgotten what it was all about.


Oh! I’m going to be gone the rest of this week, so a couple of guest bloggers will appear. Stay tuned.

I Want Brownies

On the short, three-block walk from the subway to my apartment building this evening, I thought, I am SO done with platonic friendships. No more. I have more guy friends than should be legal. I don’t need any more. I’m fine with the males in my life serving only to balance the abundant estrogen that my wonderful girl friends provide. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to say I can’t hang out with these boys, because it’s not like I spend a lot of time with them. I see them at church, and that’s it, outside of the occasional movie or concert every few or six months. At the same time, I don’t want to spend a lot of time with a boy who doesn’t want to be more than friends. But, most boys I know are sensible enough not to hang out with me like that. They know if they’re going to spend a lot of time with a girl, they’d better be wooing her. I’m not saying my situation is insufferable, I just really have no need for more guy friends.

Then I approached the door of my apartment building. I was done thinking about it. Over it. I was cold and cranky and tired and wanted to get inside. Three blocks.

If you’re up later on this evening, go and check out Comet Lulin. It’s probably brighter if you’re not in a city with dense light pollution. Enjoy.

Flirty Banter with the Boy I Asked to Set Me Up

7:06 PM me: BOY BOY

7:20 PM BOY: may day

me: i need a fun setup. can you help me out?

BOY: ummm…fun
do i know anyone fun

me: you must

7:21 PM BOY: let me think on it

me: okay

BOY: and, how do you define fun
a nebulous word really

me: easy going, easy to talk to, confident
thinks i’m cute

BOY: guapo

me: attraction’s nice, but not mandatory

7:22 PM BOY: just so long as he’s attracted to you

me: not to sound cocky, but that’s not exactly the most difficult thing

BOY: there ya go
you’ve got it, and you flaunt it

7:23 PM me: well, it’s not like i’m all that intimidating or inaccessible, either
and at this point, a date would be nice. he doesn’t even have to be emotionally available

BOY: right on all counts
7:24 PM what about OTHER BOY?
do you know him?

me: um, yes. what made you think of him?

BOY: single, fun…used to be in the [cool] ward

7:25 PM me: i saw him today, and he invited me to his bday party
he’s a cool guy

BOY: see what i mean
consider yourself self-set-up
you don’t even need my expert services

me: cop out
7:26 PM it’ll be fun

BOY: lemme think some more…just in case he doesn’t propose to you whilst he blows out his candles

me: no pressure
no rush
i know you’ll be thoughtful

BOY: now i will be

7:27 PM me: you’re a dork

BOY: i KNOW you’ll be thoughtful, BOY (WON’T you?_
just kidding

me: i GUESS i was being passive-aggressive

7:28 PM when’s the date planned?
or is it planned

me: no date planned yet
just the bday party
so maybe something after that

BOY: wait, maybe i’m confused here
7:29 PM nothing planned…just want to be set up, right?

me: yeah

BOY: got it
when’s OTHER BOY’S bash

me: i haven’t thought that far ahead

BOY: what’s he doing?

me: party

BOY: sweet
7:33 PM i’m going to find someone for you

me: yay!

BOY: i actually have a really nice guy in mind

me: hmm. cool

BOY: if i could only remember his name…
7:34 PM i watched a football game with him last night

me: seriously
which ward

BOY: i’m not sure…maybe the upper east ward

me: family ward?

BOY: he used to be roommates in dc with one of my old hs buddies
7:35 PM i think he does finance or something
but, nothing less than a really nice chap
he’s in a family ward
probably my age

me: BOY2?

BOY: BOY2’s great
but not him

me: okay

7:36 PM BOY: it was at his place however
one sec

me: ok

7:40 PM BOY: BOY3 his name is BOY3

me: BOY3? [occupation]?

BOY: yes, one and same

me: he’s in [a] ward
he’s a cool guy

7:41 PM BOY: and?

me: we’ve talked briefly

BOY: shall i press forward with the mission

me: sure. it’ll be fun
do girls ever come over for byu football?

BOY: yes
7:42 PM you should consider yourself invited
BOY2 always hosts

me: sweet

BOY: and if BOY3 will be there
maybe i should just let him work a little BOY3 magic

me: 😉
7:43 PM i’ll be at the singles hudson cruise thingy this saturday

BOY: good for you
i’m going to the Red Bull soccer game

me: ooh
they should let you play

BOY: shucks
i’m on a team now

me: awesome

BOY: we got killed with a kapital K last monday

7:44 PM me: dude. i would have brought you some good luck
distracted the other team with a little leg

7:45 PM BOY: i think we needed more than good luck…although that would have been distracting to us as well…would have ended up in a 0-0 draw

me: where do you play?

BOY: [sports place]

7:46 PM me: would it be okay if i showed up sometime?

BOY: sure
there’s not really seating
per se

me: i see

BOY: but, i think the games can be watched thru the glass from a hallway

me: all righty then
when’s your next game/match?

7:47 PM BOY: tom night

me: cool. i’m going for a swim, then i might drop by.
do you go a whole 90 minutes?

BOY: no, 50
old men

7:48 PM me: oh. OH
is there only one indoor field?

BOY: i’ve just started going there…so i’m not 100% sure
there are 2 next to each other

me: ok

7:49 PM BOY: i think we are in the [area] which is furthest north

me: okay
well, if i can’t find you, i won’t beat myself up
but if you lose, you can’t blame me

BOY: we are even then
or something like that
7:50 PM alright…may
i’ll try to hunt down BOY3’s info
7:51 PM and get gears moving

me: you’re a good man, BOY

BOY: twerent nothing
you are good to be doing your part
a blessing on your head

me: my part is just to be a woman. not hard

7:52 PM BOY: a hot woman, in your case…almost too easy

7:53 PM me: shut up. that’s silly, but thanks

BOY: first i’m a dork…now, shut up?
my feelings are deeply hurt

me: BOY, this is all with the assumption you have feelings…

BOY: careful now

me: oh, man. now you’ll sabotage my date

7:54 PM BOY: vengeance is dish best served cold

me: you’re a sweetheart
a la mode

BOY: i laugh
7:55 PM ok, i’m off to write in my journal and other sabbathy things

me: all righty
thanks BOY.
you’re great, and all that

7:56 PM BOY: and all that
you too

me: see ya

BOY: gnight

me: good night