Snow Day Funny Seminary

As one of my seminary students was getting ready to leave after class (which really wasn’t supposed to happen because the city declared its first ever snow day in five years) she buttoned up her wool, dark grey peacoat. And it was one button off, so the buttons didn’t match their corresponding buttonholes, so the panels were uneven and her torso looked all wonky. The other seminary teacher pointed it out, and I looked at her, and I started to laugh pretty hysterically. I was holding a pile of Bibles to put away, but instead I set the books in a chair and walked around in a laughing fit. Then I sat down on a couch as tears came to my eyes. Then the student asked what was so funny. And I kept pointing at her but was unable to say anything. The laughing was getting in the way. The other teacher kept saying it wasn’t that funny, then the student looked at her crooked coat, and she even said it was wasn’t that funny. But I kept laughing continuously for the next ten seconds, my mouth gaping in a silent, spasming guffaw because I was laughing so hard. The student left, and my laughing calmed down but I had to control my brain from recalling that misbuttoned coat, because something about it triggered the hilarity button (ha!) in my brain. The unevenness? The virtually perfect student doing an accidentally goofy thing? The multilayered lopsidedness? I don’t know. I may never really know.

Simultaneous Google Chats

Background: My Neighbor posts as her Google chat status something about not being a person’s friend anymore. I see her status, and the following conversations follow. Me and the neighbor in the left column, me and her roommate in the right.

6:57 PM me: was he super mean to you?

does someone need to kick him?

6:58 PM Neighbor: ha ha


he posted the worst picture of me on facebook

me: oh crap. i’m logging in right now

Neighbor: and the stauts is my only form of retaliation


7:00 PM me: is it the winter album?

Neighbor: yea

in the back of the car



me: that’s not bad at all

Neighbor: ha ha

7:01 PM well if it was your face merging int a pile of neck skin you might feel differently.. lol

ha ha

me: LOL

i do suppose the timing was bad

Neighbor: ha ha

7:02 PM me: but if he saw you, then why are you in the frame? or is it because he saw you?

Neighbor: ha ha

i am sure it is becuase he saw me

7:03 PM it is just hard to buckle your seat belt in the back of vw bug


me: maybe you can tell him to crop it

7:04 PM Neighbor: hey her roommate jsut told me what you said!

7:05 PM me: oh no!

Neighbor: that’s right

Isee how it is


me: busted. i am so busted

7:06 PM Neighbor: it is my jedi mind power that makes people tell me things

me: she said you twisted her arm

Neighbor: mentally

from my room

she was to far way to get to

I am a bit tired

ha ah

7:07 PM me: is her roommate okay?

7:09 PM Neighbor: the doctor said it will only take four to six weeks to heal

7:10 PM me: that’s good

7:02 PM me: do i need to sympathize with neighbor? i saw the photo

Her roommate: that’s a tricky one.

7:03 PM i told her that if it was my photo that i would ask to have it taken down

but since it is her it’s HILARIOUS.

me: well, to her face i’m being quite understanding

but i’m laughing at the same time

Her roommate: hahahahahahahahahahaha

7:05 PM me: you are a double agent! oh no you didn’t

Her roommate: She made me tell her! she pinned me down and twisted my arme!

she has a lot of pent up frustrations

me: did she morph into faceneck and scare you?

7:06 PM Her roommate: hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i’m crying i’m laughing so hard!

oh no!

she wants to know why i’m laughing!


me: oh crap

Her roommate: !

7:07 PM me: quick. tell her something else

Her roommate: i’ll tell her that i’m laughing at….

7:09 PM Faceneck should be her wrestling name

me: ha!

Her roommate: i might have to tell her.

because it’s so funny