Today my readers returned after their lenses had been changed. I was wondering if they would ever be fixed. And I was wondering if I would ever read anything up close again. I was worrying that I’d be resigned to reading billboards or anything else from a distance. A life without reading doesn’t sound awesome. Thankfully they came, and here I am without and with them. (Yes, I’m singing U2’s “With or Without You” to myself right now.)

Reilly had an all-day training for his work today, so I got to look after Z. I had a hard time remembering how I managed watching her, teaching her, and doing my job during the pandemic. It seriously blows my mind. I worked for a few hours, then we took a break at a park she likes, then we picked up some groceries, then we picked up my glasses. When we came home I worked a little more, then I prepared dinner while Z had therapy. After that we ate dinner, then I came down to the basement and worked for a little while longer before calling it a day.

We tucked our girl in, I took my allergy medicine, and now I’m about to eat some cheesecake the neighbors made for us. I’m very excited.

Rough day, indeed.



These are new glasses. It had been about/at least three years since my last eye exam, and I wanted to make sure my eyeballs were still in good shape. Working for a corporation has made me very grateful for the excellent employee benefits. Huge discount. Plus, the lady whose job it is to help people pick out flattering frames also let me see how much I saved with my insurance. She’s nice. She helped me decide on these frames. I like them.

I’m squinting not because the prescription is bad, but because outside it feels like a special freezer made for the entire earth and an evil martian empire’s chryogenic experiment. It feels like 14 degrees. I hope when my body thaws I can walk around and do jumping jacks. Yes. The first thing I’ll probably do is jumping jacks.

They say hell is this hot place, the all-consuming fire that tortures the soul. I have to wonder if it could also be a cold place, where the absence of warmth prevails. Hell for me would be a very, very cold place. Tomorrow night the low will get down to 5. Tomorrow night will be hell.