Another Library Sale or, I Love Sharing Books!

The last one we attended was in October 2011. We weren’t married then. Weird.

We tried giving ourselves a $10 limit–$20 total, but the library had so much good stuff this time. (I must say that I only chose enough books to spend $7.50. SOMEBODY’s restraint needs to be checked. But also take note that I didn’t object too strongly to Reilly’s choices. See below.)

We took inventory of this year’s loot. We picked up a few duplicates of books we already have, but we’re replacing the ugly copies with cooler ones. Also, I’ m sorry about the capitalization. Reilly read the titles to me for me to type quickly, and I didn’t want to have to think about which letters in an author’s name got the capital treatment in addition to spelling the authors correctly. Yes, in other words, I got lazy. But at least I italicized the titles. Know that all titles have conventional capitalization.

Reilly’s shelving the books right now. I’m off to look over a friend’s master’s thesis. This is our relationship.

  1. angelou    maya    i know why the caged bird sings
  2. austen    jane    persuasion
  3. banks    russell    cloudsplitter
  4. bellow    saul    collected stories
  5. benoit    pierre    l’ile verte*
  6. boccaccio    giovanni    the decameron
  7. byatt    a.s.    possession*
  8. chabon    michael    summerland
  9. de maupassant    guy    short stories*
  10. de troyes    chretien    arthurian romances
  11. dillard    annie    an american childhood*
  12. eco    umberto    the name of the rose
  13. enger    leif    peace like a river*
  14. erdrich    louise    beet queen
  15. faulkner    william    collected stories
  16. frazier    charles    cold mountain
  17. gilmour    david    the film club
  18. hardy    thomas    the collective novels, volume 2
  19. hernandez    amado v    rice grains*
  20. irving    john    trying to save piggy sneed
  21. jackson    shirley    come along with me
  22. kingsolver    barbara    pigs in heaven
  23. kingsolver    barbara    the lacuna
  24. kingsolver    barbara    the bean trees
  25. lahira    jhumpa    the namesake
  26. lamott    anne    crooked little heart
  27. lecasble    guillaume    lobster
  28. lehane    dennis    coronado
  29. lessing    doris    the memoirs of a survivor
  30. mann    thomas    the magic mountain
  31. nemirovsky    irene    sweet francaise
  32. oates    joyce carol    we were the mulvaneys
  33. oates    joyce carol    black water
  34. ondaatje    michael    divisadero
  35. ondaatje    michael    the cat’s table
  36. pasternak    boris    doctor zhivago
  37. rousseau    jean-jacques    le contrat social*
  38. saarikoski    pentti    poems*
  39. saramago    jose    seeing
  40. saramago    jose    the double
  41. saramago    jose    the gospel according to jesus christ
  42. smith    zadie     on beauty*
  43. smith    zadie     white teeth*
  44. smith    betty    a tree grows in brooklyn
  45. sontag    susan    volcano lover
  46. thayer hamann    hilary    anthropology of an american girl
  47. twain    mark    a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court

*Titles I chose.

The True Future on Notebook Paper

Well, it appears I’m going to live in a mansion, be married to Dennis from 2nd grade, have six kids, a dog, be a moon walker, and drive a Vespa. I don’t know how I’m going to fit six kids on a Vespa, people.

I should explain the potential husbands.

E.P. I will not explain. He probably already reads this, and that’s embarrassing enough.

Zac Saiki is from 7th grade. We had almost all of our classes together. He played the trumpet in my beginning band class. During PE, when we played 4-square, we’d team up against the other players. He’d be in 1 and I’d be in 2, or vice-versa, and we’d take turns slamming the ball in the other players’ corners to get them out. We dominated. He moved during the school year, and I cried. And I let him see me cry. And he gave me a hug. I think about him every once in a while, and I miss him.

Dennis from 2nd grade was cute. He was taller than the rest of the boys in my class. I think he was half-filipino, half-American. His family was military, too. We were in Guam. This was around the time “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil came out, and one day I blurted, “Hey, Dennis, you’re so fine” at my desk, just to myself, and the girl sitting next to me laughed and said she was going to tell Dennis, and then I got embarrassed.

M. Johnson is from college. Incredibly handsome, very tall. Very athletic. Once we were at a church activity in the canyon. Some of the boys were playing catch with a football, and M launched it higher and farther than I’d ever seen. All the girls were after him, and I couldn’t participate in the feeding frenzy. I wouldn’t. He once was sitting by himself after church, and I walked up to him and told him he looked dashing. Another time, our ward had an activity up at Timpanogos Lodge. I was sitting by myself on the floor, and he sat beside me. He’d invite me over to watch X-Files with his friends and roommates. He once stopped by my apartment to hang out, but I was at karate class. I moved from that ward, and I haven’t seen or heard from/of him since. I’ve tried tracking him down, but he’s nowhere to be found. He’s probably married. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ve crushed (am crushing) pretty hard on these guys. They’re amazing and wonderful, even as I remember them from 25 and 20 and 10 years ago. I wonder where they are, I wonder if they remember me. I wonder if they think of me fondly and imagine me and our six children (four girls, two boys) in our beautiful mansion, with my cute, green Vespa in the driveway, and our big, crazy dog playing and barking happily in the back yard, eager to greet me when I come home from a long day of moon walking. I hope so.