I Took A 5-hour Nap Yesterday

friend: how is my friend May?
: i’m sleeping a lot
: hmmm
why is that?
: i guess i’d rather sleep sometimes than be awake
life is easier
: ugh
I’ve been there
but I hate that that’s where you are right now
: i get up for work and class
just not much more than that
: oh no
I really hate to hear that
anything in particular weighing on you, or is it just life in general feeling like a slog?
: just general
: yeah, I hate to hear that
I mean, I understand
I wish I could help….but you know things will turn around and look brighter soon
: yeah
: I know that’s not encouraging
: i don’t really expect it. you’re fine, really

I think I’m still okay. I can have fun chats with friends, and I can be social sometimes.

My dreams are crazy, though.  I told someone I dreamt that Prince died, and I spent much of last week consciously believing he was dead. And I have bizarre French dreams.

I wonder if this semester ending will help at all. There are still a few weeks left.

The sunshine should help. I hope it does.

But for now, it’s bedtime.

I Dreamt Last Night

A bunch of us were hanging out. Somehow, everyone knew each other. I remember specifically two benches, perpendicular to each other, forming a large, backward L. I was sitting at the end of one bench, and the person sitting to my left was the same as the person sitting on the near end of the other bench. He scoot over a bit so I could put my feet up. In the dream it didn’t occur to me those two people were the same person.

Then, there was you. I saw you standing off at times. You weren’t sitting on either of the benches, but on a couch. Your eyes were red, as if you had been crying. I didn’t go to you and ask if you were okay. I avoided eye contact with you, and I let some of our mutual friends approach you. I felt better when they did. You were waiting for comfort, but I didn’t feel it my place to give it to you. It was better that others could.

I kept talking to the guy on either side of me.

There were a lot more details to this dream, but I’m fully conscious now, and much of it has faded. Blurred. Dissolved into nothing.

It woke me up after taking two hours to get to sleep last night. If it means anything, I have a pretty strong idea.

The DAYS in JuLY Pass MAINly on the FLY

Becky’s birthday party was a huge success. It was one of those where she invited just a few people to hang out and celebrate with, but just about the entire LDS singles community decided to show up. I couldn’t even think about food, having come from a gorgefest a friend of Becky’s had planned. Becky showed up late to her own party, which is nothing like showing up late to your wedding, because showing up late to your own party is classy. I would recommend it, because the guests waiting for you? Their eyes light up and they’re so happy to see you and then the party officially begins.

I will try to remember all the food: crackers and melba toast and pitas and three types of hummus and Ina Garten’s onion dip; crepes with chocolate mousse and chocolate syrup and whipped cream and fruit; cucumber sandwiches; meatballs that stewed in the crockpot a few hours; smoothies; the Midnight Chocolate ice cream cake from ColdStone. The spread was awesome. People ate their hearts out and everyone seemed to have a good time. And Becky had a blast, which was great to see.

This past Wednesday I had the chance to meet up with LJ Ray and another LJ friend of his. We had fun conversation with Indian food for lunch. It’s always great seeing him, but it seems like we’ve already caught up since we read each other’s blogs regularly.

Friday, Becky and I went out for French fries and bowling. It was a lovely evening, except on the subway platform, which is the innermost circle of hell. The fries were delicious, and the guys running the place at the time were Filipino. They talked to the customers in English but spoke Tagalog to each other. 

We bowled two games: she won the first, and I took the second. A tiebreaker is in order. It’s in short order, and I must break the tie. I hope Becky reads this, and I hope she’s not intimidated, because it would be fun to see a confident attitude struggle with defeat.

If you take a look at the sidebar, you can see that Pig and Chicken have a blog. I discovered it only Friday, and while I was surprised and only briefly hurt upon finding the blog (because they didn’t tell me about it), I am more pleased they have found a creative outlet. I encourage them to write as much as they can. Also, I’m very proud of them. Type away, little friends!

Right now, I have a large food headache. Large modifying the headache, not the size of the food. It’s not like I was swallowing entire watermelons. That would probably give me a headache, too.

This has been a long week.

Oh, yeah. I had a dream that I made out with two guys last night. At different times.