Well, America, You Got It Done.

I’m still quite subdued about the whole thing. My Democratic friends jumped up and down and cried, rejoicing. My Republican friends were gracious or bitterly disappointed or angry. Which I can understand. I think if Senator McCain had won, I would have had to listen to a lot of whining from the left. I mean, it happened so fast. We found out SO early. All of a sudden CNN was flashing that Obama would be the next president, and I was instant messaging Karissa, and I said whoa and she said WOW and I said whoa and she said YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! and I just couldn’t believe it. Then I got teary-eyed as Senator McCain’s eyes welled up and suddenly I couldn’t stay awake, even after taking a little nap. I guess the whole thing took a bigger emotional toll on┬áme than I was aware. I’m grateful for the change. I have bigger and very hopeful thoughts I can’t quite articulate, but I’ll say this much now: I like the idea of someone who can inspire and conciliate leading our country. I like the idea of Michelle Obama being our First Lady. I especially like the idea of a new puppy in the White House.