Sunday Sundries

Today my brother told me about how he was on a walk earlier today and got stopped by some missionaries. He told them he grew up Mormon, so he knows their angle.

They asked why he stopped going to church.

They asked him if he still believes in God.

Those are not topics he’s going to talk to just anybody about.

Those are topics even I can barely broach with him.

I mean, people exercise their faith/philosophies very differently. And it sounded like those missionaries were trying pretty hard to get my brother to open up. And it would be one thing if he actually wanted to talk, but it sounded like one those situations that, no matter their efforts, because he didn’t want to talk, they weren’t getting further in that conversation. You know?

Today I only rinsed some of the conditioner from my hair during my shower. And now? My hair feels so silky! I just worry it’ll look and feel greasy tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I got my pixie cut cleaned up at a chain salon. As the stylist snipped, hair rained on the black cape. Not just my dark-brown-almost-black hair, but a bunch of grey, too. The question is: Do I call those lighter hairs grey (definitely with an E) or silver? I mean, I’ve dyed my hair silver in the past, and it has looked rad. And I’ve definitely earned mine, so.

I’ve started a nightly face cleansing routine. Pores and wrinkles and age spots in my face; the slightest crèping in my neck and décolletage. In my 20s and through my 30s I didn’t really wash my face at night. I guess I let the oils in my skin do all the work, and only occasionally my skin would break out and I’d call it yet another puberty. But now, it seems my skin is actually starting to dry out. If I can’t control my silvering hair, then I should be able to regularly clean my face, right? Besides, after washing and moisturizing, I like how soft my face feels.

So, there’s that.

Time Out

Somebody needs to tell the other persona over at the other blog that I’m taking a boy break. Seriously. Only so many hours in a day, you know?

Lots going on. The semester is gaining momentum. Midterms, papers, studying. Minimally required socializing, other than dating. Let’s break it down.

Hours in a school week: 24X5=120

Credit hours: 13

Time outside of class for studying: Anywhere between 3 and 5 hours per credit hour. (There’s just a ton of reading to do.) 39-65 hours

Writing papers: 5 hours

Churchy things; prayer, scripture study, etc.: 2-3 hours

Commute: 2 hours

Television: (Sorry, I need my Chuck and Lost) 2-3 hours

Blogging: 2-3 hours

So far, that’s 75-94 hours. That leaves 26-45 hours left for sleeping/dating/chatting whatever.

That means I could average over 9 hours of sleep, if I didn’t eat or study as much. Or date.

But lately, I’ve been averaging 5 hours of sleep during the week. I’m not going to starve. And I don’t think I can cut the studying, and I’ve already cut chatting down.

So, yeah, somebody tell the cougar to give the boys some rest.

On My Way to Bed.

One of my students asked me to spell incontinent this morning. A scripture verse in 2 Timothy has that word. In that context, it has nothing to do with bodily function control. So, I spelled the word. Then my student told another student that I won the spelling bee. Then I had to explain to that other student that it wasn’t a big deal.

I’m really bushed. Seriously, it’s just fatigue. I wake up at 4 am, and I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Tuesday morning I made it to sleep around 3 am. So, my body is plain ol’ tired. Since exercising regularly, my anxiety manifestations have gone away. No more stiff neck; no more teeth grinding, therefore no more little chunks of my tongue missing from gnawing on it.

Tomorrow, I continue my passport hunt. It should pop up.

Little Recap before the Nightcap. But without the Nightcap. I’m Wearing My Running Cap.

Right now, I’m on about three hours’ sleep. I’m about to crash. Becky’s friend (and mine, too) came over this evening to watch Chuck. It was fun. I can’t write very long sentences right now.

Sometimes I do little dances. Becky has started numbering them. So far, we’ve gotten up to four. I demonstrated these dances for our friend. I don’t know how immensely impressed she was.

And yet, I was really shy about showing her my runway walk. Becky makes a big deal that it’s better than hers, but I don’t really think so.

I cried at the end of my seminary lesson this morning. I didn’t completely release the floodgates, so I didn’t transform into an ugly cry.

Really hard time at work today, but I got a lot of stuff done, because I had so much to make up since I wasn’t at work yesterday.

Went running with a friend after work. Quite windy, but not too bad. Reminded me how much I like running in the winter.

It’s not winter yet.

I want to sleep so bad, people. Like, more than three hours of it.

Maybe I’ll have dreams about perfecting my runway walk.

Maybe it’ll stay in my dreams.