Tri Stuff Out

Right now I have a chocolate zucchini bread puffing up in the crockpot. I’ve never made bread in a crockpot, so we’ll see how it turns out. I even used cocoa powder and pureed the zucchini. It should be ready in another couple of hours. If it’s good, I’ll take it to class in the morning. If it’s not, I’ll leave it for the roommates. Hee.

Last night at the pool, the lifeguard was coaching some teenage girls on their technique. When I finished my workout, I asked the lifeguard if he charges for coaching. He said no, he just likes to help out. Then he asked if I was going to do a triathlon, because I was donning the outfit. I told him I was. He then gave me few pointers on triathlons, from looking out for other swimmers to sighting the finish line to making the transitions between sports. I thanked him when his students looked like they were done with their laps, and he wished me luck.

The open water where we’ll be swimming is actually a “heated” lake, which means that body of water gets to cool a nearby power plant. I’m hoping that’s only electricity. Maybe my friends and I will be glowing Saturday night on our drive home. Like those neon lights they use to pimp up the underside of cars and trucks. Maybe we’ll set off a bunch of Geiger counters. Maybe we’ll attract aliens, and then maybe we’ll melt them with our radiation.

It’s time to focus.