3 Fun Facts, er, Truths?

1. Yesterday’s search terms:

boyfriend dates to remember
moody music

I wish my stats would tell me which post came up with a specific search term. The files in my forebrain come up with nothing regarding “poo-perry.” What IS that? Hello, out there, the one curious about poo-perry, did you find what you were looking for? Would you please tell me what it is you did find?

2. Last night, as I got ready for the pretty party (there was a “pretty party” where everyone dressed up [in tuxes, suits, gowns, to-the-nines in any form] and went to a solarium on a rooftop and danced the night away), I went to my room and got some black nylons, a black slip, and a black bra. I was going to wear a black dress. Everyone knows what the rule of thumb is about what to wear beneath black dresses. Anyway, since my room is two walls of bare windows and I didn’t want to change in front of all of Midtown, I carried those items from my room to the bathroom to change. Becky saw me before I entered the bathroom, and she saw what I was holding.  She said, “Ooh. Underthings.” I blushed and did the little Flashdance run-in-place thing, and I giggled. Then I closed the bathroom door and changed into those underthings. Hee.

Does anyone else feel seductive or … you know, when you’re not wearing the standard whiteys or natural tones underneath? Anyone? Anyone at all?

3. My rabbits sometimes like watching television.

Famous Pets, California Proposition 2

Chicken and Pig have their first big mention on Comedy Central! As many of you may know, they have a blog, and their collaboration as a single unit is called Chig. Fancy how their names hybridize, yes? Their shout-out doesn’t come until around 2:55 in the video. The squeamish should watch out around 2:25, as some bloody, alien-invading abdominal grossness might catch you off guard. You can slide on past that point if you’re woozily inclined.

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