The Second of Roundabout Christmas Messages

It’s likely the animal shelter would be open tomorrow, but I wanted to be able to give Chicken and Pig as much of a chance for a loving home as possible by giving them as much time to be adored at the shelter by loving families. I held on to them as long as I could without compromising that window.

It would be cool for some kids to come out to their living room to find two very sweet bunnies waiting for them Christmas morning. That’s what I’m praying for.

I dropped them off today.

Pictures, video from the past couple of days. Nearly six years of memories tucked away in my mind. My heart. I’ll try to share.

I’ll stop for now. I’ve cried enough today.

Famous Pets, California Proposition 2

Chicken and Pig have their first big mention on Comedy Central! As many of you may know, they have a blog, and their collaboration as a single unit is called Chig. Fancy how their names hybridize, yes? Their shout-out doesn’t come until around 2:55 in the video. The squeamish should watch out around 2:25, as some bloody, alien-invading abdominal grossness might catch you off guard. You can slide on past that point if you’re woozily inclined.

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The DAYS in JuLY Pass MAINly on the FLY

Becky’s birthday party was a huge success. It was one of those where she invited just a few people to hang out and celebrate with, but just about the entire LDS singles community decided to show up. I couldn’t even think about food, having come from a gorgefest a friend of Becky’s had planned. Becky showed up late to her own party, which is nothing like showing up late to your wedding, because showing up late to your own party is classy. I would recommend it, because the guests waiting for you? Their eyes light up and they’re so happy to see you and then the party officially begins.

I will try to remember all the food: crackers and melba toast and pitas and three types of hummus and Ina Garten’s onion dip; crepes with chocolate mousse and chocolate syrup and whipped cream and fruit; cucumber sandwiches; meatballs that stewed in the crockpot a few hours; smoothies; the Midnight Chocolate ice cream cake from ColdStone. The spread was awesome. People ate their hearts out and everyone seemed to have a good time. And Becky had a blast, which was great to see.

This past Wednesday I had the chance to meet up with LJ Ray and another LJ friend of his. We had fun conversation with Indian food for lunch. It’s always great seeing him, but it seems like we’ve already caught up since we read each other’s blogs regularly.

Friday, Becky and I went out for French fries and bowling. It was a lovely evening, except on the subway platform, which is the innermost circle of hell. The fries were delicious, and the guys running the place at the time were Filipino. They talked to the customers in English but spoke Tagalog to each other. 

We bowled two games: she won the first, and I took the second. A tiebreaker is in order. It’s in short order, and I must break the tie. I hope Becky reads this, and I hope she’s not intimidated, because it would be fun to see a confident attitude struggle with defeat.

If you take a look at the sidebar, you can see that Pig and Chicken have a blog. I discovered it only Friday, and while I was surprised and only briefly hurt upon finding the blog (because they didn’t tell me about it), I am more pleased they have found a creative outlet. I encourage them to write as much as they can. Also, I’m very proud of them. Type away, little friends!

Right now, I have a large food headache. Large modifying the headache, not the size of the food. It’s not like I was swallowing entire watermelons. That would probably give me a headache, too.

This has been a long week.

Oh, yeah. I had a dream that I made out with two guys last night. At different times.