Saturday in the Park


What I’ll miss: Central Park
I love that I’ve covered a fair amount of the park. I love that so much of the park is left to discover. It waits for me to return, in the dead of winter, as spring unfolds, as summer stretches, as the trees become drowsy and start losing their lashy leaves, hues bleeding to brown. I don’t know if I’ve ever outright professed my love for Central Park, but here it is. Operas/concerts/picnics/races/Shakespeare in the Park. Ice skating; strolls with friends; walks and talks and softball and photographs. I walked its perimeter my first Saturday in the city: 7 miles, by myself, and a blizzard came through only two days before. I caught a horrible cold. I caught another bug, too, almost seven years ago. I haven’t been able to get rid of it, but I know that I won’t want to.

What I won’t miss: The south end of Central Park
I don’t like where the horse carriages congregate. Especially during the summer. If you’ve been there, you’ll know why. If you haven’t been there, you can figure it out.

One of the Days It WASN’T Raining This Summer in NYC

IMG_8570 by you.

IMG_8536 by you.

I’m not connected to the hard drive with all my pictures, and I’m not in the mood to tackle the drafts sitting on backburners (even though one is extremely close to being ready, which really means I’m actually starting to think about its format and style and pulse without feeling intimidated), so I went to flickr instead and looked up some photos I took while wandering northeast Central Park, particularly the Harlem Meers and Conservatory Gardens, and I found these pretty flowers.

They’re for you.