A Successful Day

Today our family went to the dentist. And it was probably the best Z has ever done in her few years’ experience of biannual unpleasant visits to someone who went to school for years to learn how to probe teeth. We were proud of her. But: she has a cavity, and she has another appointment to have it filled. We don’t know how she will handle this. All her other teeth look great, though.

Oh! I also made the bed this morning! And passing by the bedroom a few times today, I looked in and saw a made bed and felt a little less stressed out. It’s also very nice slipping into a bed without having to tug at sheets to make sure my whole body is covered.

Back in December my cabin fever compelled me to cut off all my hair. It’s been slowly growing back, and now it is in the middle of an awkward mullet-like phase. I have two cowlicks at the base of my skull, which keeps the hair from lying flat against my neck. It just sort of half-fluffs out. So I’m sort of in the middle of willing my hair to grow faster so that the mullet-thing will calm down. I’ve pinned and clipped my hair down at the neck. It’s long enough to tie back into a ponytail, if the pony was tiny. Another month, and maybe it won’t be as bad.

Vain, perhaps. But I never said I wasn’t.

Hey, Kids

Do I EVER have a blog post for you. But not tonight.

When I get rested and showered and when my homework is back under control, and when the level of inadvertent THC in my body has returned to zero from off-the-charts, then I can think about writing you a lovely post about lovely things.

Because I love you.

But first, attempts to sleep.

Good night, my darlings.

Agency, à la Lewis Carroll

I must have watched the Disney version at least a dozen times when I was a kid. None of the characters made any sense. They were irrational and outrageous, and every single time, I hoped that somebody – the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, even anyone in the Queen’s court – would be merciful to Alice. She just wanted to get back home, but the maze became increasingly tangled. This was a major study of human behavior for me, though I didn’t realize it when I was eight years old. Disney seemed to run and rerun this after bedtime, but I remember not getting in trouble for staying up late to watch it. So it could also have been during the summer, or my parents may have used the underlying moral of weighing the consequences of our actions to teach me a few lessons about life. Which, as you know, none of Alice’s consequences in Wonderland made any sense.  It may be responsible for my inability to make decisions. Or at least think any choices I make would worsen any situation. On the other hand, this animated film probably warned me never to do drugs. (However, I really liked the drowsy dormouse, but that doesn’t explain why I also liked the croquet set, especially the seemingly sober hedgehog. The point of the movie was never to explain anything, anyway.) But it never stopped me from sneaking MTV while my parents weren’t home: maybe I had a secret crush on Simon Le Bon, and Madonna was the coolest, with her 80s eyebrows. Alice in Wonderland may also justify my juvenile (onset, progressing to adulthood) pyromania and my love for academic teams.

The video came from this link, which a friend on facebook shared. I thought it was cool.