Sidebar Suggestions

Hey, everyone. For some reason, this week finds me a little bit flustered. Distracted, I suppose. So, this week’s entries might be a bit light on the content side.

If you come here and see no stories or thoughts or anything remotely May (I assume that’s why you come here), and you wonder what you should do, here are some options:

1. Read past posts. On the sidebar over there, at the top, is a text window for searching. You probably won’t find anything too obscure, unless you’re specifically looking for Bernoulli or Key West.
I haven’t written about everything under the sun,
but sometimes it’s fun
to type in a word to see what posts come up:
many, or one.

2. Check out the Favorite Posts. Those are getting the most frequent clicks throughout the day. That Mormon entry I wrote a couple of weeks ago is getting hit pretty hard.

3. See what I have written on any given day. So far I’ve written every day this year, and you can navigate the calendar and click on a day and this will take you back in time, your own special little temporal fold into the past. My past. Are you ready for that? Are you sure?

4. The Roll and Music Friends and Cool Sites! Click on these to see what some of my friends are up to. I probably need to update it; but some of the blogs I read would not be setting a good example if I put them on my page. That’s the hypocrite in me. But some sites are friends’ blogs I want to keep to myself. That’s just me being selfish.

5. Streaming music! Click on either square with the blue notes in it to hear what I dig or groove to. The songs mostly represent the artists themselves, since I couldn’t find a good rendering of specific songs I like. You can even sing along if you like. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.

6. They call it Flickr, Flickr, faster than dial-up; everyone, you see, posts pictures like me. Check out the photostream. You should go to my Sets once you get to the page, since that’s how I’ve organized the photos.

7. Monthly archives. Whenever I discover a blog I really like, I go through his/her archives and start from the beginning and catch up. It’s like finding a novel whose jacket synopsis looks really interesting but you won’t get the essence and substance of the book until you dive in. Then again, I’ve written a lot of junk that’s not very engaging. Probably because I’m not engaged. Sigh. Just kidding, people.

8. Oh, check out the pages, up top. Yeah, right there. You are already Home. If you want to find out a little bit about me, go to the About Me page. If you want to contact me, click on the Contact page. That page is new. I like it. Pretty easy.

Anyway, I should pick back up tomorrow with something a little more girthy. If not, help yourself to the sidebar. No limit. Use a clean plate each time, though.