Power Outage

The power went out in my neighborhood today. It might have lasted two hours. We spent the time reading and playing outside.

We also went out for tacos.

I mean, it was 75 degrees and breezy. I’ve experienced worse conditions during a blackout.

The NYC blackout of 2003, for example.

But even then, that seemed like a huge party.

That was a weird blog post from so long ago.

Oh! My blog had a birthday this week! 18 years old! My blog can vote and will likely attend a two-year school before transferring to a university.

Congratulations, blog. I wish you the greatest success.

Some Old Time Religion

A young man referred to this song during his talk today in church. It’s one of my favorite old gospel tunes.

The young man’s talk was about gratitude, and throughout his remarks he expressed sincere thanks and appreciation for many blessings in his life. He demonstrated a positive attitude, and he inspired me to be more grateful more often.

The Eva Cassidy recording of this song is one of my favorites because she brings out a lot of the inherent emotion in the song. Like she truly can’t help singing about the Lord in her life. That’s an admirable condition to have, involuntary proclamations of gratitude.

Thankfulness seems such a conscious state of mind or being, but I imagine many of us develop an awareness of behaviors that become second nature. Can someone be grateful and not know it?

I haven’t blogged in a month. It’s time to catch up on a few things.

  • Vacation
  • Hikes
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Paula Deen
  • DOMA, possibly
  • Games
  • Weather
  • Art of conversation
  • Movie/Song/Book reviews

This week I have to prepare a Relief Society lesson to give next Sunday. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies. I have been thinking about the lesson the whole month, so it’s a matter of organizing my thoughts and hopefully teaching a few things my fellow sisters need to hear.

Cause and Effect of My Jerkiness

The other day, a chat:

Friend: hi

me: hi

Friend: how’s it go?

me: good it goes

Friend: good that is


me: how are you?

Friend: school is stressing me out

me: yeah

midterms, yay!

Friend: blah

me: you’ll do fine

Friend: I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I seriously doubt it

me: why?

Friend: I haven’t been putting in the time

me: why?

Friend: I get distracted and I don’t want to

me: so then you can’t really complain when deadlines come

i mean you do

you always do

but you know what you’re doing when you procrastinate

it’s not like science homework

i mean i should let you vent instead of giving you my opinion

so you should keep venting

Friend: no, you are right

I should quit [complaining] and just do it 🙂

me: working on a paper along the way is a lot less stressful, just fyi 🙂

you can try it next time

Friend: maybe I will 🙂

Then the next day, this blog post.

I mean, the friend doesn’t mention names, but I have a feeling her words are about me. And what I said did come out of nowhere, so I can see why it felt like an attack. I could try to come up with a reason I behaved this way. For instance, languages. I could have just told my friend I was looking at a bunch of foreign languages so that my friend could understand that I was trying to concentrate, but instead I lashed out with what she kindly called truth bombs.

She was way too kind for what I deserve. I kicked a soccer ball in her face. I remember one time in fifth grade our class was playing soccer during P.E. and a boy kicked a soccer ball in my face. It simultaneously shocked and hurt me, and I was angry and embarrassed. The game stopped and the teacher handed me the ball and told me I could throw the ball at the boy. Which I didn’t do. Because that would have been dumb. That teacher was a dork.

Just saying, I know how those hexagons and pentagons feel at close range and high impact.

I’m sorry.

This Feels Good

Today after work, I did a favor for my friend Amy and let her give me a massage. She’s a licensed massage therapist, and she really knows what she’s doing.

Amy and I met in New York City, and she has to be one the smartest people I know. She learns quickly and thoroughly, and she often offers a different perspective if you go to her with a problem and ask for advice.

Massage is not her first discipline. She knows communications/marketing and web design/consulting. As a Renaissance woman, it only makes sense that she would study and practice massage.

She lives in Salt Lake City, mere blocks from where I work. This is the recommendation I wrote on her Facebook page. I’m not sure if I did all that alliteration on purpose:

Amy is a confident, competent, and conscientious massage therapist. Her sensitivity, strength, and savvy have ensured me as one of her many loyal customers. Her massages have relaxed and revived me more than many a night’s sleep. See for yourself what Amy can do!

Amy gave the hour her full attention. She asked how I liked the pressure, the stretches; she kept the room temperature just right. She warmed the massage table with a heated blanket and had soft music playing when I entered the room. The sheets and the face cradle cover were clean. She definitely took precautions to ensure this experience would never happen to her clients.

If you’re in the Salt Lake City area and would like an amazing massage, visit Amy. Go to her website, look around, and see what she has to offer. Take advantage of her various promotions. If you’ve had a massage from Amy and think that her expertise would make a great gift, give someone a gift certificate.

She thanked me for the chance to work on me, but she actually did me the favor. I’m more relaxed, my joints are less stiff, and I feel like a new person. I can’t wait for my next massage.

The Review, As Promised

I finally got around to writing the review about last week’s concert with the Utah Symphony and Hilary Hahn.

The post is live over at The Glass. While you’re there, take a nice, long look at Chris McGovern’s site. He has gotten to interview some serious names in the classical/ contemporary classical/just plain awesome music circuit.


The World!!!!!!

A few stats without numbers.

This is (These are?) who have come across my blog in the past couple of months:

Also, I can account for western Africa, but I don’t know who’s in the continent’s armpit.

some search terms you people use:

-adele hometown glory repeat
-louanges aux anges
-je suis tres fatigue
-patty griffin nobody’s crying chords
-deseret towers byu
-funny stuff to write on roommates whiteboard
-sheet music spiegel im spiegel arvo
-do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again .. no, no i haven’t
-oboe’s gabriel morriconi
-scholarship reject mail
-what is the song firework really about
-box with fish and chips da australia
-the sensual man conforms
(there were also dirty ones, which is just weird, but not really)

Un Plan

So, I know about who’s in Australia, some people in Utah, and a lot of people along the East Coast. I don’t know about anybody anywhere else. Western Europe, Russia, East and Central Asia; the one blip in South America; and who’s the little guy swimming in the middle of the South Pacific? He’s probably browsing the internet while holding an umbrella-adorned beverage and wearing board shorts (and nothing else) and sitting under a palm tree as the waves crash upon the shore. Lucky. According to the information, he’s from Wallis and Futuna.

I imagine whoever’s in Russia is doing the exact opposite. Is that even still Russia? Yep, I checked. Parka, boots, slow internet; tundra, timberline; vodka.

This weekend is going to be busy with school stuff. The university should just make this whole next week part of Thanksgiving break. I’ve overheard a lot of conversations about people leaving tonight to fly/drive home to spend time with their families. I vote throwaway days, since there’s no class on Wednesday anyway.

This Might Get Obnoxious

Well, kids. I don’t quite know how to say this.

But, I’m saying it: I don’t want to have to spell out that this is a character I’m playing, but I know some of you won’t get it otherwise. (No offense.) It’s another chance not to take myself too seriously.

It’s also in the blogroll. And on the Twitter feed. In case you enjoy bombardment.

This little old blog right here will remain active. Don’t worry.

Powder, Slush, Crystal, Dust

Here’s another poll. Right now I’m in the middle of packing my things for the next big move. My mind is pretty fixated right now. I took apart my bed and am making sure the boxes are efficiently packed. I need to put away some more books and leave out enough clothes for the next two weeks.

Do you notice anything about the front page, here? Feeling a little chill? Having the sudden urge to build a snowman or start a snowball fight? Wanting to go sledding or skiing or making snow angels? Needing to bundle up, perhaps with another sweater or socks or flannels, maybe even a Snuggie?

Really, People?

Yesterday’s Search Terms:

timmy yates    
unique scripture mastery game  
“my roommate” hemorrhoid cream  
bill cosby jock itch  
scripture mastery games  
flirty banter  

What are you looking for, folks? Look at the third and fourth items on the list. Who actually strings words together like that, in those exact combinations? Well, at least you spelled hemorrhoid correctly. But I don’t get why you would want to find anything on “bill cosby jock itch.” ON MY BLOG? SERIOUSLY? To be fair, if you’ve never read my blog, then I can’t blame you for going in for the click, only to be disappointed.

Y’all are weird.

For you newcomers who have figured out I’m Mormon, and for those of you who already know, I might come out (ahem) later with a few thoughts on the whole Proposition 8 (CA) /Amendment 2 (FL)/and (wherever else they have this legislation UP FOR A VOTE). Yeah, I know, the populace also voted against desegregation, and I’m not sure how I feel about prisoners such as the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents, being allowed to marry. And what about the atheists who deny or don’t see/acknowledge God and his definition of marriage, but it’s okay if the couple is a man and a woman, and then what about gay atheists and then gay Christians and then is this really a civil rights issue or a fight between American values and Christian values. Then if they pass this legislation, the next logical step would be to legalize polygamy. I’ve mentioned that before. And the kids, what about the kids? I’ll tell you right now, it’s a struggle. I sense and foresee division within the church, and I dread estranging friends. And yet …

Like I said, later.