A Short Email Exchanged Related to the Last Post

This morning I sent:

Thanks for the photos. I’m sorry if it’s hard for you to comprehend how cute I am.

The recent reply:

Hey May,

For the record, your full-sized (okay, not saying much) snowshoeing photos are our new wallpaper here at [apartment number].

Thoughts on a comeback?

Flirty Banter with the Boy I Asked to Set Me Up

7:06 PM me: BOY BOY

7:20 PM BOY: may day

me: i need a fun setup. can you help me out?

BOY: ummm…fun
do i know anyone fun

me: you must

7:21 PM BOY: let me think on it

me: okay

BOY: and, how do you define fun
a nebulous word really

me: easy going, easy to talk to, confident
thinks i’m cute

BOY: guapo

me: attraction’s nice, but not mandatory

7:22 PM BOY: just so long as he’s attracted to you

me: not to sound cocky, but that’s not exactly the most difficult thing

BOY: there ya go
you’ve got it, and you flaunt it

7:23 PM me: well, it’s not like i’m all that intimidating or inaccessible, either
and at this point, a date would be nice. he doesn’t even have to be emotionally available

BOY: right on all counts
7:24 PM what about OTHER BOY?
do you know him?

me: um, yes. what made you think of him?

BOY: single, fun…used to be in the [cool] ward

7:25 PM me: i saw him today, and he invited me to his bday party
he’s a cool guy

BOY: see what i mean
consider yourself self-set-up
you don’t even need my expert services

me: cop out
7:26 PM it’ll be fun

BOY: lemme think some more…just in case he doesn’t propose to you whilst he blows out his candles

me: no pressure
no rush
i know you’ll be thoughtful

BOY: now i will be

7:27 PM me: you’re a dork

BOY: i KNOW you’ll be thoughtful, BOY (WON’T you?_
just kidding

me: i GUESS i was being passive-aggressive

7:28 PM when’s the date planned?
or is it planned

me: no date planned yet
just the bday party
so maybe something after that

BOY: wait, maybe i’m confused here
7:29 PM nothing planned…just want to be set up, right?

me: yeah

BOY: got it
when’s OTHER BOY’S bash

me: i haven’t thought that far ahead

BOY: what’s he doing?

me: party

BOY: sweet
7:33 PM i’m going to find someone for you

me: yay!

BOY: i actually have a really nice guy in mind

me: hmm. cool

BOY: if i could only remember his name…
7:34 PM i watched a football game with him last night

me: seriously
which ward

BOY: i’m not sure…maybe the upper east ward

me: family ward?

BOY: he used to be roommates in dc with one of my old hs buddies
7:35 PM i think he does finance or something
but, nothing less than a really nice chap
he’s in a family ward
probably my age

me: BOY2?

BOY: BOY2’s great
but not him

me: okay

7:36 PM BOY: it was at his place however
one sec

me: ok

7:40 PM BOY: BOY3 his name is BOY3

me: BOY3? [occupation]?

BOY: yes, one and same

me: he’s in [a] ward
he’s a cool guy

7:41 PM BOY: and?

me: we’ve talked briefly

BOY: shall i press forward with the mission

me: sure. it’ll be fun
do girls ever come over for byu football?

BOY: yes
7:42 PM you should consider yourself invited
BOY2 always hosts

me: sweet

BOY: and if BOY3 will be there
maybe i should just let him work a little BOY3 magic

me: 😉
7:43 PM i’ll be at the singles hudson cruise thingy this saturday

BOY: good for you
i’m going to the Red Bull soccer game

me: ooh
they should let you play

BOY: shucks
i’m on a team now

me: awesome

BOY: we got killed with a kapital K last monday

7:44 PM me: dude. i would have brought you some good luck
distracted the other team with a little leg

7:45 PM BOY: i think we needed more than good luck…although that would have been distracting to us as well…would have ended up in a 0-0 draw

me: where do you play?

BOY: [sports place]

7:46 PM me: would it be okay if i showed up sometime?

BOY: sure
there’s not really seating
per se

me: i see

BOY: but, i think the games can be watched thru the glass from a hallway

me: all righty then
when’s your next game/match?

7:47 PM BOY: tom night

me: cool. i’m going for a swim, then i might drop by.
do you go a whole 90 minutes?

BOY: no, 50
old men

7:48 PM me: oh. OH
is there only one indoor field?

BOY: i’ve just started going there…so i’m not 100% sure
there are 2 next to each other

me: ok

7:49 PM BOY: i think we are in the [area] which is furthest north

me: okay
well, if i can’t find you, i won’t beat myself up
but if you lose, you can’t blame me

BOY: we are even then
or something like that
7:50 PM alright…may
i’ll try to hunt down BOY3’s info
7:51 PM and get gears moving

me: you’re a good man, BOY

BOY: twerent nothing
you are good to be doing your part
a blessing on your head

me: my part is just to be a woman. not hard

7:52 PM BOY: a hot woman, in your case…almost too easy

7:53 PM me: shut up. that’s silly, but thanks

BOY: first i’m a dork…now, shut up?
my feelings are deeply hurt

me: BOY, this is all with the assumption you have feelings…

BOY: careful now

me: oh, man. now you’ll sabotage my date

7:54 PM BOY: vengeance is dish best served cold

me: you’re a sweetheart
a la mode

BOY: i laugh
7:55 PM ok, i’m off to write in my journal and other sabbathy things

me: all righty
thanks BOY.
you’re great, and all that

7:56 PM BOY: and all that
you too

me: see ya

BOY: gnight

me: good night