Guns, You Guys

I don’t even know how to formulate a decent argument about this, you guys. You would think I would learn what not to do by observing all the sloppy, lopsided “discussions” out there. I think I know a good argument when I see one. I try to consider opinions I disagree with; I try to understand why I disagree with certain opinions.

I recently watched this appeal by Senator Gabrielle Giffords. They gave her the floor, they let her make her powerful point in 13 sentences, but I wonder if her efforts are futile. I wonder how many people dismissed her or even the idea of her once she finished speaking.

I recently read this essay by Stephen King, which felt like a pretty even argument and a realistic perspective on what to expect with gun legislation.

I recently saw that David Mamet recently published his opinion about the gun issue. I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to, probably tonight.

ETA: I read Mamet’s essay, and it definitely provides contrast to Stephen King’s perspective.

It’s impressive that the gun conversation has lasted this long. More children have died in the meantime. It won’t be as impressive if nothing ends up getting done about it. I wish I could argue this decently; I wish more that I felt that I didn’t have to argue this. I wish I understood those who insist on doing nothing. I wish the argument could lead sooner to a real solution than to more of an argument.

I’ll quote my high school friend Brian who perfectly expresses my frustration: “It bothers me that this argument always boils down to ‘I could kill a bunch of people at a school no matter WHAT you do.'”

Om for the Ohm

Resistance. Response.

A facebook friend’s status says, “[So-and-so] wants you to draw your own conclusion, but the markets had their worst post election trading day in the last 112 years, today.”

-Well, you can’t draw a firm conclusion from this, especially when the Asian markets had strong gains the day AFTER the election. There’s no real correlation. The markets understandably and initially favorably (how many adverbs can I put in a row here?) responded to the prospect of Mr. Obama, but just as understandably refaced the reality of the economy. Fact of the matter is the economy is crappy. Major companies that were giving out dividends not too long ago are now floundering or completely bottomed out. Relating the current economy’s downward spiral to a man WHO JUST GOT ELECTED is like saying Florida is flat, and Florida is part of the world, therefore the world is flat. It’s pure fallacy.

Back on December 12, 2007, I wrote a song analysis for Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Someone commented on it, and it kind of made me chuckle: “I think you need to stop over analyzing spilt milk. Fergie is a very extremely talented poet. Did Shakespeare ever make sense? Get over it girl and don’t be such a hater.

-Is this person serious? “Did Shakespeare ever make sense?” Why has Shakespeare been around for so long? His extension of the human condition is what his audience can relate to. They understand it, peasants and royalty, bourgeoisie alike. Because it makes sense. And why do I even care if this commenter is comparing Fergie to Shakespeare? I should have ignored the commenter, but I didn’t: “It’s all subjective. It’s all preference and a matter of opinion. This is just a song I’m not crazy about. Plus, I’m not out there busting out tunes like Fergie. I don’t have throngs upon throngs of devoted fans. She sings just fine and seems like a pretty cool person. I’m not really hating – IT’S JUST ONE SONG, and it’s my very broad interpretation of such. You probably don’t like a lot of the songs that I like. We disagree, and that’s okay.”

I’ll ignore the irony of going off on a person’s completely legitimate passions and interests, which Shakespeare so masterfully foibled in his characters. Meh, we all react that way every once in a while. I’m just not going to betray or stab anyone or poison myself because of it. 

I thought I had other stuff to gripe about, but I don’t, or maybe I’m just too lazy. Maybe I just needed to vent a little. Deep breaths. Ahh.