Friends’ Features

I have too many awesome friends to keep them secret. I’ll spotlight a friend every week or two. These posts also appear on the front page, but if you only want May’s Awesome Friends, come here.

Week of September 14, 2009: Sarah G.

Week of August 31, 2009: Heather Tullis

Week of August 25, 2009: Andrea HM

Week of April 6, 2009: Samuel Evensen

Week of February 16, 2009: Gustavo Aguilar

Week of February 9, 2009: Ty Mecham

Week of January 26, 2009: Eric Artell

Week of January 19, 2009: Marci Stringham

Week of January 12, 2009: Kristin Plater

Week of January 5, 2009: Marin Leggat

Week of December15, 2008: The Copes

Week of December 8, 2008: Becky Middleton

Week of December 1, 2008: Annie Poon