Whether to Care About This Little Story

There was a green house. And people lived in it.

The green house had neighbors living in a pink house.

The pink house had one owner who rented to roommates.

The pink house always has a ton of cars parked beside the curb. And this always makes it hard to see when the green house residents try pulling out of their driveway.

Some pink house renters park in weird spots on the pink house property. Like right next to the fence on the property line between the pink and green houses.

Last week one of the pink house renters came out while a green house person was working in the yard. Pink house guy asked green house guy to try to fix one of the sprinklers IN THE GREEN YARD so that the water wouldn’t hit his car, you know, parked right next to the fence.

The wife of green house guy recently learned that pink house renter asked the pink house owner if he could approach green house guy about a sprinkler THAT WASN’T ON PINK PROPERTY. Pink house owner didn’t exactly feel comfortable with it. But pink house renter did it anyway. And because green house owner likes to keep the peace, he capped the problematic sprinkler to protect pink house renter’s car from hard water damage. A way better person than most.

Yesterday pink house owner came out to talk to green house owner. Pink house owner seemed sheepish and apologized for pink house renter’s behavior. A while later pink house renter came out and presented the green house owner with a cheesecake. As some sort of payment. Or in some act of fairness.

The green house owner’s wife has spent some time considering whether to care beyond being irritated by this situation. But because the green house residents really like the pink house owner, who has been otherwise a wonderful neighbor, she’s willing to let it all go. Besides, the cheesecake was delicious.

The roommates ain’t gonna renting at the pink house forever.

All fingers crossed.