This Past Month’s Showing

Two weeks ago:

  1. I talked with another pregnant woman at church about whether she found a doctor. We chatted a little bit about appointments and how we’re feeling. She said, “You look cute. You can’t even tell you’re showing.” I’m like, “What? Really? Oh, you’re so nice.” If I wasn’t showing, I certainly didn’t feel it because none of my clothes fit anymore.
  2. The same Sunday an hour later at church, another lady sidled up to me and quietly said in a sing-songy way, “You’re starting to show.” We both laughed. And though I felt her perception is closer to how I feel, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to hear about my bump from another person.

This past Sunday:

  1. I asked a friend a church when she’s moving. She’s a massage therapist, and she said that they’re moving very soon and close to where she works. I asked if where she works offers pregnancy massage. She said yes. Then I said I might need one of those one of these days. Her eyes got big, and she she asked if I’m pregnant. I put my hand on my tummy and told her I was four months along. She said that was really exciting but she couldn’t even tell.
  2. Reilly recounted a short conversation where another woman at church asked him if I am pregnant. He said yes, and she said she thought so even I’m little and am not showing in a big way. She then said congratulations.

Oh. You want pictures, you say? You’ve been waiting for pictures? Patience, dear Grasshoppers.

My showing is not a problem or a complaint at all; it’s only slightly jarring the first time hearing about my bump from another person, especially if you’re as vain as I am. Or as aware of how small I am. It’s pretty simple: Pregnant –> tummy grows. Not only have I accepted that fact, I’m mondo excited about it.

The first time I really felt my bump start to protrude, I showed Reilly. I stood up, pulled my shirt over the bump and turned to the side so he could see my profile. He put his hand on my belly and asked if I was poking out on purpose. Well, the baby’s growing inside me because we planned it and you were there, but if you’re asking if I’m sticking out my tummy — filling it with air or pushing it out farther than it should be — I am not. I inhaled to let my belly expand not much farther beyond its resting position just to show I wasn’t poking out “on purpose.”

Reilly then smiled his cutest smile and got the twinkliest sparkle in his eye and said, “You’re showing!” and gave me a big hug.

As I’m writing this tears fill my eyes with the thought of our combined joy and excitement.

A little discussion.

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