Guns, You Guys

I don’t even know how to formulate a decent argument about this, you guys. You would think I would learn what not to do by observing all the sloppy, lopsided “discussions” out there. I think I know a good argument when I see one. I try to consider opinions I disagree with; I try to understand why I disagree with certain opinions.

I recently watched this appeal by Senator Gabrielle Giffords. They gave her the floor, they let her make her powerful point in 13 sentences, but I wonder if her efforts are futile. I wonder how many people dismissed her or even the idea of her once she finished speaking.

I recently read this essay by Stephen King, which felt like a pretty even argument and a realistic perspective on what to expect with gun legislation.

I recently saw that David Mamet recently published his opinion about the gun issue. I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to, probably tonight.

ETA: I read Mamet’s essay, and it definitely provides contrast to Stephen King’s perspective.

It’s impressive that the gun conversation has lasted this long. More children have died in the meantime. It won’t be as impressive if nothing ends up getting done about it. I wish I could argue this decently; I wish more that I felt that I didn’t have to argue this. I wish I understood those who insist on doing nothing. I wish the argument could lead sooner to a real solution than to more of an argument.

I’ll quote my high school friend Brian who perfectly expresses my frustration: “It bothers me that this argument always boils down to ‘I could kill a bunch of people at a school no matter WHAT you do.'”

One thought on “Guns, You Guys

  1. This issue really is puzzling to me. Some days what is most puzzling to me is why it’s actually an issue that all of a sudden we realized was a problem or that needed to be fixed. As if this wasn’t addressed after Columbine or VA Tech? What does making more laws actually accomplish? There already are laws in place to keep people safe and protected. It’s when people don’t follow the rules and break the law that is a problem and people end up dying. Can we actually prevent people from breaking the law?? Can we actually stop all mentally ill people from doing crazy things? I just don’t think so. Sometimes I feel like it all boils down to free agency and the harsh truth (that I learned years ago) that sometimes other people’s decisions can affect you just as much as decisions you make for yourself. I feel sick when I think about all those families that lost their babies. As a mother it’s beyond comprehension and just breaks my heart. But I honestly don’t understand how more laws will prevent it in the future when laws already in place haven’t prevented it in the past. Just my thoughts for today.

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