How to Have a Successful First Day of Class

You should. Have seen. The clouds. This morning. You guys. I wish you were sitting at the bus stop with me wondering at the underglow, trying to figure out if it’s really underglow if you’re looking at the clouds from beneath.

My first day of school was great. Here’s what I did, and maybe you can think about doing some of these things for your future first days of class.

1. Wake up SO VERY EXCITED. I’m surprised I got to sleep the night before.

2. Have people you know in your classes. Laugh a lot with them.

3. Roll your eyes at all the stupid. Dating. Jokes. Rolling your eyes takes the place of drinking games, which would very quickly transform our stone-cold sober school into a silly, drunken, orgified mess. I mean, really. People tell a lot of dating jokes around here. Professors especially think they’re funny.

4. Be surprisingly and extremely relieved you’re speaking French again.

5. Read Aristotle.

6. Sit outside while reading for class and munch on a sandwich.

7. Run into a former seminary student who assures you she’ll probably see you again at a concert.

8. Laugh a lot. Some more. Like, obscenely.

9. Watch this video and discuss happiness.

10. Understand what it means when you let yourself watch only 18 minutes of an episode of Veronica Mars when you get home.

11. Realize you haven’t cried or worried about personal matters and be surprised at not feeling guilty about it.

12. Take a shower and chuckle at how greasy your hair has gotten during the day.

13. Fall asleep doing homework.

14. Be so very excited to wake up again.

And now, there’s today.

3 thoughts on “How to Have a Successful First Day of Class

  1. That’s such a great short, May!
    I guess we all want to get back to the days when all we had to do was be kids and play and do school work. It really spoke to me. Thanks for posting it!
    Glad your first day back in college was good!

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