Today’s world offers SO MANY WAYS to communicate. When it comes to receiving absolutely shitty crappy news, none of those ways is better than the others.

I missed a phone call this morning. Then I listened to the voicemail message. Then I returned the call as I was walking across campus to work. Then I was staring at the ground, walking, climbing stairs, crossing the street, sitting down at my workspace, wishing I was invisible.

Then I grabbed  some tissues, walked to the bathroom, and composed myself.

Then went the rest of my day.

But there were good moments, and I’m definitely grateful for them.

I’m grateful for you.

6 thoughts on “Warning

  1. I’m pretty good at being invisible. I’m trying to get the cloak from Harry Potter so I can start the sisterhood of the traveling invisibility cloak. Hope today is better for you.

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