Complaints You Could Skip

Two strangers are sleeping in this house right now. The one downstairs is friends of one of the girls downstairs. Her name is Emily, and she seems friendly. Or at least nice enough.

The one on my floor is a friend of my roommate. I haven’t formally met her, because when I came out of my room last night, she was sleeping on a cot in the living room.

The one downstairs has been staying since Saturday, I think. On Sunday night she was talking really loudly on her cell phone to someone in her family. I was trying to watch television, and I had to switch on subtitles. Which I completely understand isn’t a crisis, but I was annoyed. She spoke slowly, almost with the slightest deliberate pauses. Between. Each. Word. She was discussing her options for church. She could try going to a family ward, but then her current bishop told her about an older singles ward. And she told whomever she was talking to that she’d probably try the singles ward because she’d have a better chance of getting dates.

It’s not eavesdropping if she’s in community space speaking loudly enough for the neighbors to hear.

Well, good for her for persisting with and hoping for dates.

I’m containing a rant right now.

Another day, folks.

But sometimes, sometimes I really hate this culture.

I hope these guests leave soon so I can invite my much cooler friends to hang out and play.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Complaints You Could Skip

  1. I’m. Sorry. That. Happened. To. You. May. Why. Didn’t. You. Ask. Her. To. Please. Take. The. Conver (breathe) sation. Outside?

    *runs. and. hides.*

    • Francis, why are you hiding? from ME? I am the harmlessest creature of them all!

      Also, I was going to make popcorn last night, but since people were downstairs I didn’t, because I didn’t feel like interacting with them. Or worse yet, sharing my popcorn with them.

  2. But May, deciding what church to attend is crucial! One must discuss this with one’s family in the loudest of tones in order to reach the correct conclusion. After all, what if one chooses incorrectly and thus misses out on meeting and marrying one’s spouse? Everything could be lost if she doesn’t decide appropriately! Hence, the heaviness of each spoken word–each syllable is pregnant with importance. Obviously.

    • Kylie, I cannot poke holes in your super tight argument. If the world must be peopled, then the world must be married. And to be married, one has to create opportunities for marriage. Which means one has to be loud. And over-enunciate. Thank you for this valuable insight.

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