Part of the Playlist – “Optimist”

Plugging away still, but I’ve switched over to classical music. Getting down to business.

This is Zoe Keating performing at TEDxSF. She’s featured every so often at Radiolab. Which EVERYONE should listen to.

Cello and a looping pedal and whatever awesomeness and passion that’s possessing her? How can you not love this?

By the way, you can download a copy of the song for free here.


One thought on “Part of the Playlist – “Optimist”

  1. Dude, you have such great taste!
    Did you ever hear the Q2 gig she did with Todd Reynolds? If you can’t find that online, let me know. I have it! They were both brilliant despite a couple of tech bumps (which is prone to happen at gigs)!

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