The Boys Are Back in Town

Do you think all my posts about Senegal will be long-winded and spiritual in nature? What do you take me for?

The guys were all fun. And cute. And very protective. And they were all SO DIFFERENT. And totally awesome. I love and admire them all.

Instructions: Match the the boys from Senegal Study Abroad 2011 to their traits/behaviors/weirdnesses.

1. Andrew a. Is the best male tribal dancer in the village (out of the Toubabs); tells GREAT stories; some people (one girl named Kylie) think he looks like Voldemort

2. Brayden

b. Watched an IV spurting blood FROM HIS OWN ARM; acted as chaperone for the professors; hates papaya; read lots of books in English on the trip

3. Daryl

c. LOVES SWIMMING; married but not obnoxious about it; enjoys giving boys backrubs; barfed for 5 hours starting at 2:30 one morning

4. Henry

d. LOVES AMERICA SO MUCH AND LETS EVERYONE KNOW; shaved his beard but left his mustache and sexy throat scruff one day

5. James

e. Enjoys putting frogs in girls’ hotel rooms; also totally French kissed a dead fish; beat my boyfriend at arm wrestling

6. Miles

f. Dazzles women with his purple boubou; gave the beggar boys a lesson on the worth of work by hiring them to clean up Saint-Louis

7. Ryan

g. Is a very reliable tenor; also asks questions to perpetuate an already 3-hour-long lecture because he’s sometimes too smart for his own good

8. Spencer

h. Is a snazzy dresser with skinny jeans and a fanny pack; quite the Canasta player; known by some as “Ginger Balls”

A little discussion.

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