Some Things About Senegal

-It’s in Africa.
-It is a republic, with a president.
-Its capital, Dakar, is the westernmost point of the continent.
-There are two main seasons, the dry season and the hivernage.
-According to my professor, their mangoes are amazing, and I’ll never want to eat whatever other kinds are imported to the States ever again.
-French is the official language
Aminata Sow Fall is from Senegal. She deserves a bigger entry in Wikipedia.
-94% of the population is Muslim
-The CIA World Factbook website states that “Senegal has a long history of participating in international peacekeeping and regional mediation.”
-Did you see that the website has a Kids’ Page? I never really correlated CIA and kids, but they seem to go together as well as pairs of anything else.

Some Things About the Trip

-We’ll be traveling across the country, staying at five different places
-There are pickpocketers, but since I don’t know the language well, it will be less safe than New York City
-It will be very hot and humid
-I will be going to the beach
-Aminata Sow Fall is pretty much our hostess for this trip; we’ll be studying her and other francophone authors’ works
-We will be visiting orphanages
-Monkeys and other wildlife might approach me
-It will be awesome

Cussin the Weathah

I apologize for the bad video quality. Just pretend that is snow, too.

So, I missed my bus this morning, and I decided to walk toward campus to one of the bus stops that would take me to work. It’s about a 25 minute walk, and the weather was nice enough, though the sky was a little bit overcast.

The first 22 minutes were uneventful. I was hitting all the walk signals at the intersections, and I was making good time. I knew I wouldn’t miss this next bus.

Then, the last three minutes. I was heading east, and a gust of wind came from behind me and with it, a light flurry of snow flakes. Then, following that, more gusts and a steady, swirling, barrage of white, wet flakes. I raised my hands to the air and asked, “What is this?!?”

Yet, because I’m an old person and check the weather every day before I leave the apartment, I was expecting snow, so I wore my winter coat, and I was able to reach back and bring the hood over my head. I walked the rest of the way to the bus stop. I could have been way less grumpy.

I also had an umbrella in my backpack (old-person, boy-scout syndrome), but someone else had come to the bus stop, not prepared at all for the weather. I didn’t share the umbrella with her (cancels out boy-scout aspect, but retains parts of old person). I’m a horrible person when it snows at the end of April.

Oh, the first of my grades are in! My first Bs of my second-chance college career. Can you guess what subject?