Don’t Look for Content Here

This combination is primo. My favorite is the one about the fur pillows. The bike stores one is pretty great, too.


In other news, the semester is almost over. I really hope this isn’t news to you. I’ve only announced it somewhat consistently this past week. Finals start Saturday. They end Tuesday.

In yet other news, I’m slowly coming to terms with some hard truths in my life. I wish my heart didn’t have to break.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Look for Content Here

  1. Josh Groban seems to be a good sport. I’ve seen him do a few very silly things, but this has to be my favorite!

    I wish your heart didn’t have to break, too. I am sending a hug-shaped band-aid with this comment. Maybe it can help hold some of the pieces together.

  2. Awesome clip! thanks for sharing. I’d like to put it on my blog too, but then I’d just be a copycat.

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