Other than my mom

one of the coolest Pilipinas ever. She and the yo-yo are among the best exports from the Philippines. And mangoes would be, save for the weird embargo on them. Have you ever tasted a Philippine mango?

ANYWAY, if you’re looking for real content on this blog, you’re wasting your time for now. The world doesn’t really care about my complaining anyway, especially when there are bigger things in this world far more deserving of our attention.

Victor Hugo and Lea Salonga. One of the best authors and best Fantines of all time. Together. Makes me cry.


2 thoughts on “Other than my mom

  1. It is too sad that such a mango embargo exists. It doesn’t make any sense, but it causes my husband to suffer for lack of truly amazing mangoes. You think I’m joking, but it is very, very true that his life is incomplete without access to the best mangoes life has to offer.

    • Oh, I know you’re not joking. In fact, I thought of your husband and how sad he must be because of the embargo as I was writing this post. Mangoes are awesome. Why is this kind of awesome prohibited?

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