Someone Like You

On May 5, 2009, I got to see Adele at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. I had bought an extra ticket and decided to invite my friend, Brook, to come along.  We met for dinner beforehand, and we got to know each other a little bit better. I didn’t know Brook too well, but she was someone I really looked up to, and I knew she’d be a fun concert partner. When she paid me back for the extra ticket, she actually paid for both tickets, and I tried to refuse, but she insisted and won the way I learned she always insists and wins. I did mention to her I’d lost my job the week before, and I was exploring options about staying in the city for school or reapplying to BYU. But we were just catching up; I wasn’t trying to make her feel sorry for me.  I didn’t really expect her to pay me back for the extra ticket, much less mine, and it was her birthday just a few days before. I looked at the cash and felt my throat heat up, then I thanked her quickly and went to a different place in my mind to prevent that weird, grateful crying that sometimes causes a scene. I don’t like to cause a scene. Except sometimes on a crowded subway. Sometimes.

May 5 also happens to be Adele’s birthday.  In 2009, she turned 21. During the concert she told fun birthday stories about exploring the city with her mum,  and she passed around a bag of candy to all the audience members. It was pretty dang cool.

Of course, the music was incredible.

So, nothing but good memories and associations when it comes to Adele.

As you all know, the new album is out. Get it, if you haven’t already gotten it.

This is a cool song, which also happens to be free at Amazon. You’ll have to watch the video on YouTube, since Vevo is restricting playback on WordPress. Silliness. Anyway, I sort of want an attractive pianist in my house now. The song is reassuring: things will get better. All things considered, they have.

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