Congratulations, Elizabeth and Joseph

Today is their big day.

She’s been a faithful blog follower and a good friend. She’s the best friend of one of my best friends, and that’s how we met. I’ve blogged about her before, but her getting married adds another level of coolness I can’t even describe. She consistently makes good and wonderful decisions, and I have no doubt  Joseph is nothing but top notch. St. Louis, get ready for this power couple.  World, you don’t even know.

May happiness continue to be added upon the both of you, as one.

3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Elizabeth and Joseph

  1. I don’t know Elizabeth, but she is marrying an amazing young man. He was a student in the first Seminary class that Charles and I taught, and his father was our bishop in Orlando back then. Joseph came to visit us when Baby Charles was just a wee little thing, and we were so impressed with the man he’d become. What a small, small world!

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