Hemingway’s Shortest, and Supposedly Greatest, Story

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Can you imagine?

I was scanning the Ad  Board on campus this morning while waiting on the bus to work. When I saw this photo, I thought of Hemingway, but I also thought of the bloke who doesn’t get to wear the ring. Similarly, my heart broke.
My heart has been hurting a lot this week.

2 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Shortest, and Supposedly Greatest, Story

  1. Just as a possibility of less sad, the ring is made from titanium. Those can’t be resized. So it’s possible that they bought the ring online or something and couldn’t return it when they realized it didn’t fit.

    But the other story is more interesting, so carry on.

    • Good point, but I can’t imagine a guy would get a ring that wouldn’t fit. But guys generally don’t do things like ring sizing.

      I can imagine a guy in college getting a ring without a return/exchange policy.

      But I don’t imagine that situation here.

      Still sad.

      That’s why Hemingway’s a freaking genius.

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