Irritable Things

I did a thing on my way home which caused someone to do a thing. And that caused me to want to do or say other things, but I held back on doing or saying such things. I mean, that someone was about to do a thing, and if I hadn’t done my thing, then that someone would have done that thing, and my thing seemed like a perfectly benign thing to do, but apparently the person thought differently and did another thing instead of the original thing that didn’t happen because I did a thing that stopped it. Seriously, what was I supposed to do? I wasn’t about to do a completely different thing; maybe just that someone was having a bad day and was finding excuses to do the pettiest things. I can understand that. It’s the first day of class, and all of a sudden frillions of students appear from nowhere, but come on, someone, it’s your job to do certain things, and people do things with an expectation of those things to be done. So, just do them.

I also papercut myself. I hate that.


In other news, today was a decent first day. I was on campus before 0800, but I basically have class from 0930-2000, with a couple of breaks in between. And none of my classes start on the hour.

French 321: 930
French 202: 1205
English 356: 1335
English 292: 1710

Fun stuff, right?

A little discussion.

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