It’s A Conspiracy

Everything is due December 8. Papers in all my English classes. I turned in some French assignments early today to get them out of the way.

Yes, of course all the professors got together and agreed to torture the student body the last two weeks of school instead of ending the semester at Thanksgiving like any humanitarian would.

Yes, I’m taking a little time to post a little more often here. I’m more content when I can see the words that represent the thoughts and feelings I’m trying to sort through.

Yes, as crazy as things will be, I agreed to a date on Saturday.

Yet, as crazy as things will be, you may have to wait until after finals for details.

Conspiracy, indeed.

I Absolutely Had to Post This

Consider your Christmas shopping when watching the (fake) commercial below. (Thanks, Brian, via Alyssa Milano via Brainpicker.)

Or maybe just order one of these for yourself or a literate loved one:

Jane Austen
Edgar Allan Poe
Charles Dickens
Oscar Wilde
William Shakespeare

Vodpod videos no longer available.