Sunday night, I texted a friend: “Are you up? I need a familiar voice and funny friend.” So this friend replied, “I am. Let’s talk.”

Before dialing, I tried to untighten my throat and breathe through my tears. Somewhat composed, I called and we talked for a solid half hour. It was coming up on 11pm on the East coast, and it was extremely nice for this friend to give a little time before going to bed.

This friend asked how things were, and I responded with school stuff,  how I want the semester to be over, how overwhelmed I feel. This friend asked if that was all but sympathized with expressing how endless it all seems, with midterms and papers all due at the same time.

Is that all? Yeah, just school frustration.

Have I mentioned my lying tendencies?

Of course it wasn’t all, but what was true was that I did really need a familiar voice and a funny friend. This person fit the bill, and this person was available. This person was happy to let me take advantage of that.

I felt a lot better, and I am very grateful.

Some other good news coming up. Stay tuned.

A little discussion.

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