Me And A Shovel

Last week, I wrote myself a short note on some cute stationery and sealed it in an envelope. I was going to mail it to myself, but it was just effective to hide it away someplace and forget about it for a few days. It’s always fun to get mail, but if I get too excited about mail to myself, it might seem a little pathetic. And that’s not the purpose of these notes. The exact opposite actually.

It’s reassuring to observe the mass shoulder-slumping across campus. I’m glad it’s not just me. And look at all these people pushing forward. Not that I have to keep up, but just keep going.  I realize a lot of my life is simply out of my control, but my attitude isn’t. At the same time, I can’t ignore feeling beaten down and buried, and the fill dirt seems to pile ever higher. This note is just one way to dig myself out of it.

I might do this every week until the end of the semester. It might sound cheesy, and I might switch to journal pages instead of stationery which I should be using for letters to someone other than myself. Maybe I need cheesy right now.

Hey, May, It’s mid-semester, and you probably don’t like school very muh right now, but hang in there. Remember the light bulbs you got about John Milton and censorship and Satan. Remember that French isn’t out to get you, and every new and difficult concept you learn there fits perfectly somehow with what you already know. Remember that you don’t back down from challenge, at least before not giving it a really good go. You love school, and you have a lot of passion. It really can’t get better. Your friends love you. You cross their minds. You’re good for them – don’t forget that. Your family loves you. Rejoice.

2 thoughts on “Me And A Shovel

  1. Amen to Indigo Girls. Today I just needed “Closer to Fine” to carry through. It’s so classic Indigo Girls it almost felt cliche, but boy did I need it.

    And I love the notes to yourself. Big hug to you, Miss May! Hang in there!

    • Hark, ye faithful commenter:

      “Closer to Fine” never gets old.

      Also, I can really sense the love you put into your beautiful quilts. Well done. I like you. 😉

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