I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Want More

Harper Blynn opened right before Greg Laswell last night. They are also Greg’s band, and they asked to make sure we didn’t think they were Greg, probably because two other openers preceded them (Dustin Christensen sounded lovely, and the band after him not only had a French horn but had other fun quirkinesses about them), and maybe they felt we were getting restless. But: They really, really rocked the house, and they performed a phenomenal cover of Beyonce’s “Halo.” When they come to New York, go early. See Harper Blynn. Be impressed. They’ll also make you laugh.

I’d never been to the Avalon Theater. The audience space isn’t an open floor, but rather, benches. We sat about six rows from the stage, and everybody stayed sitting down throughout the evening. There were still a lot of seats even by the time Greg got to the stage, which makes me a little sad. I wouldn’t have preferred to be anywhere else last night; apparently, not everyone agreed with me.

My third time seeing Greg didn’t disappoint. He told stories and also made us laugh, and he sang the way someone like Greg Laswell sings. I don’t need to describe it: I couldn’t do it justice anyway. If you’ve heard him, then you know. We stuck around for a little bit after the show to say hi, but we decided to go back to Provo. There will be other times. I just wanted him to play to a packed house.

The setlist:

Around the Bend
That It Moves
Off I Go
(the story about when he sat next to a woman on a plane who asked if he might be someone his daughter would know)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
High and Low
(a few comments on writing a pop song and hearing himself on the radio)
Take Everything
Highway Patrolman (Bruce Springsteen cover)
What A Day (yes, I thought of you)
Sweet Dream
How the Day Sounds


Amazing Grace (I almost cried)
Not Out
Lie to Me
Your Ghost (yes, I thought of you)

A little discussion.

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