This Week

So far, I’ve discussed a paper with a professor, in whose office I almost cried.

Sometime I’ve got to BS the advisement center into letting me take a class in lieu of another class to meet a major requirement. Should be great.

Tonight, I’m going to an Ingrid Michaelson concert, which is number three for me, and I expect nothing but loads of fun.

Tomorrow, I know something’s going on. Oh yeah, French speaking lab in the morning before my run of classes.

Thursday is a big thing for work that I’ve been helping with. It’ll be fun. Brandon Mull, anyone?

Thursday morning, I get to meet with the world-famous Madame Thompson. Really exciting stuff.

I also have to squeeze in a midterm for my British Literature History class. Not nearly as exciting.

And bake pumpkin bread. Dangit. Almost forgot.

Could someone try looking up a quote by either President Hinckley or President Kimball that states that any two people could be happy together (married) if both of them lived the commandments? I tried looking it up last night, because  my bishop used it in a talk on Sunday, but he only paraphrased it, and he was trying to encourage us to accept our stake’s challenge of going on a date once a week.

Yep, that’s right.

Does anyone want to know my opinion on this?