Horrible Sonnet for Jenny’s Birthday

For her thoughts I’d give a penny
Or even a nickel or maybe a quarter
To hear from my good friend Jenny
Her brain a sponge, her will of mortar.

Today is her observed birthday
Wish her well: touching or funny
She’s listened for the past three days
To my mistidings, good friend Jenny.

As a librarian, her voice ain’t tinny
But assuring behind the reference desk
Cardigans create my good friend Jenny
A strong silhouette statuesque.

In all the world there aren’t too many
Wonderful friends like my good friend Jenny.

Even when “Someone” seems mad, I still love the view from my room.

It’s Monday, October 4, 2010. I yank the cord, and the blinds zip up the pane.

I don’t feel like a spy; I’m not close enough to be spying, but I want to catch up on the day.

It’s like how I know my roommate is in her room, because light strobes from under her door, and shadows flicker.

The mountain conceals enough to hide exactness yet reveals enough to spark curiosity.

Damn my curiosity.

There may be no mystery: the joke may be on me. I wait, regardless.

In less than fifteen minutes, the glowing vagueness dissipates, and only clear blue emerges.